YouTube Analytics Basics – How to Get Found Organically


I think the most important part of the analytics are the traffic sources because the traffic sources shows you where you’re actually getting views from so when I’m in the analytics menu, I hit traffic sources and you can see where all of my traffic is coming from by source.

youtube audience traffic

This is where I’m getting the analytical value. YouTube search and suggested video are both free views. External website, unknown direct, and everything else except YouTube advertising are also free views. If you’ll notice all of these have went a lot higher because of YouTube advertising.

Here’s what I want to do, I want to isolate all of the other sources without YouTube advertising. I de-selected YouTube advertising so I can see how my traffic is growing just organically and that’s really powerful. If you’ll notice I’ve got just up to 2,000 views in one day organically.

youtube organic traffic

What you want is this slow, steady march to higher organic traffic because the organic traffic is where nearly all of the value comes from. These 50,000 views from YouTube ads are nearly useless in terms of actual conversions. Sometimes I get lucky and get a subscriber, but most of the time I get absolutely nothing.

The people who are watching ads are not in the mood to engage with me, but the YouTube search is where all kinds of good things happen and since most YouTube channels don’t run YouTube ads all you have to do is run YouTube ads and YouTube will rank your video high enough to get found in search and suggested videos.

When you click on YouTube search, then you get keywords across your entire channel. This is very limiting especially for the long tailed keywords. You’ll notice I have very few individual views on any one keyword. My video gaming experiment with Wolfenstein and Destiny Xbox  one tested some  of these YouTube video ranking strategies to the limit so those don’t actually do much for me but the Facebook ads and Facebook marketing searches are huge. These are where I’m getting conversions from.

The problem is you can only see up to 25 results in the search tab at a time so the actual search tab itself can tell you what you’re doing right on the largest scale on your channel, but you’re not going to find out much more detail than your top 25 terms. Your top 25 terms are important. For me, noticing that Facebook Marketing is one of my top 25 terms gives me a clear signal that I should be doing more Facebook marketing related videos instead of all Facebook ads related videos.

After seeing this in my Facebook marketing search results and going into more detail on that, I actually changed the name on my Facebook course to Facebook Marketing and Ads instead of Facebook Ads and Marketing because I’m getting more search results, more people are looking for things in Facebook marketing compared to Facebook Ads. That’s without me putting much effort into marketing. That’s how powerful these YouTube search results are.

Another powerful thing is to go into the YouTube suggested video. This gives you an idea of what videos are sending you traffic. Most of the time, if you have a lot of videos, when you highlight the video here, you will see your own videos, but what’s really cool is when you see other people’s videos sending you traffic. This video is from JeffUsner:

referral traffic

This video, in the last 28 days, sent 101 views to my channel and the average view with 9:48. That means when you click on this video, if you search on this video, you will show up in the shared results.

If I highlight this entire term and put it in the url box. When I go to the web page, there’ s two Jerry Banfield videos right next to the video. Out of the 6 videos on the side, YouTube is suggesting two of my videos to watch. That’s really sweet because that’s giving me free traffic off of someone else’s audience, absolutely ideal.

suggested traffic

Same thing on this video, Mari Smith’s work really hard to get herself an audience and then when someone watches her video, they are going over and watching my videos.

Elithecomputerguy has an excellent large YouTube channel and the same thing. I’m pulling views off of his channel and then off of all these other channels are sending me YouTube views. Then what’s really sweet is to get to know these videos and figure out what your audience tends to like. My audience really likes things about Facebook ad strategies of course, but they also like Steps to Facebook Success. They’re watching videos about how to get Free Twitter Followers also, they are watching videos about Teespring. That’s very valuable for me to know because if I know what else my audience is watching then I can make those things for them.

They’re wondering if Facebook advertising works at all, that’s good for me to know because then I can  make a same kind of video. Does Facebook advertising work? I mean literally the same title if I wanted to. That’s powerful. Between the traffic sources of YouTube suggested search and YouTube video you can get ton of data and I’m going to show you how to dive deeper into. I’m going to show you this section is external website. After I’ve clicked on that what do you notice? Google search is up there on the top.

Those are people putting things in Google search. Things like Facebook Ads tutorial 2014. When someone puts that in, Google is showing two of my YouTube videos in the top 3 results. That’s sweet. When people are searching in Google, that is pretty much an ideal method to get found. This traffic stat, when you look in external website, you see Google search, that is an ideal method to get views.

That’s 3000 views, 19,000 minutes that’s on all the views in 28 days. Google is sending over 100 people to my YouTube videos free every single day. If I had to pay for those in search they’d cost between a dollar and 10 dollars per click and I probably wouldn’t get four minutes watched per video. That’s the power of putting all these things into practice is getting Google to give you free traffic. Those Google searches to my videos, I’ll click on them and see what more detail Google gives.

It gives country, over 1000 of those from the US. That’s very valuable search traffic and results that I’m getting and they’re coming from all over the world 118 different countries found my YouTube videos in search and I’m sharing that, it’s not about me. You can set all of these things up for yourself in this course. That’s how powerful this is getting to know the analytics and ask yourself what are you really getting out of all these things you’re doing on your YouTube channel.

Traffic sources is where you find your return on investment on your YouTube channel. Now, I’m going to dive deeper into the analytics with you to help you find more Easter eggs in your YouTube analytics. Thank you for watching these YouTube Analytics basics, I’m honored you spent time on my YouTube channel and I hope this has been helpful.