YouTube Bans Hacking Tutorials After I Spent $40K+ Producing New Cyber Security

YouTube just put up a new little piece of text on their harmful and dangerous content policy that has just put a massive dent in my YouTube channel. YouTube just banned instructional hacking videos.

What??? Why??? Why can’t people learn how to hack on YouTube? They’re just gonna go somewhere else. There’s a policy on YouTube called “Harmful or dangerous content”. Now, it makes perfect sense in its proposal. It says, if you’re posting content like extremely dangerous challenges, dangerous/threatening pranks or instructions to kill or harm, it is not allowed on Youtube. It makes sense that you wouldn’t want that on YouTube. However, there’s this little new sentence, “Instructional hacking and phishing” as you can see in the picture above. You now cannot show users how to bypass secure computer systems or steal user credentials or personal data.

How are you going to train someone in “Information Technology and Security” to prevent that kind of thing? To me this seems a lot different than hard drug use, instructions to kill or harm or dangerous/threatening pranks. But, I don’t make the rules on YouTube, I just show up here. Now notice Youtube updated this on July 2nd, 2019 but they said that there are no policy changes and they’ve just clarified an exact type of content. So in theory, instructional hacking and phishing videos were banned before but this is now specifically up there. Unfortunately for my little youtube channel, these videos have been one of the top sources of my views. For example, I had the “Start Hacking Today” tutorial up having 2693 views. Essentially it was getting that many or more views a day as well as the “Best Hacking Course For Beginners in 2019”. A lot of my other top videos are hacking videos or were. After seeing this policy update I could have just left all the videos up there and waited until potentially somebody reported them but that seems kind of stupid when I have 2,500 videos on my Youtube channel. There were probably 300 or 400 hacking videos.

Now many of these might not meet the threshold that YouTube is talking about in here. Some of these were pretty basic. They probably don’t fall under YouTube’s threshold of “This is instructional hacking”. However, I’m not sure exactly where their threshold is. If I’m showing you how to run some scripts online that can be used to steal information, is that meeting the harmful or dangerous content? I figured that it’s better to play it safe than sorry. So, I just took down all of the hacking videos off my entire channel. I went through it thoroughly and as soon as I saw this policy, I just ripped and took all these videos down. Even though the video for example “Start Hacking Today” in the last 28 days had millions of impressions for free on YouTube. Yes, people are saying these are really good courses. Indeed they are and 2 of them were brand new courses but I’m not risking my whole youtube channel because of some of my top videos. So, anything else about hacking has been taken off my Youtube channel.

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With this policy in mind, I do not intend on ever putting any more hacking videos up on my channel because this is under a thing where you can get a Community Guidelines to strike on that. For example, if I had just left those videos up there and now that people know that hacking and phishing videos are clearly not allowed by the policy, I would have been risking my whole youtube channel.

Also, if you’d like to actually watch the videos with me in it going forward, I trust you’ll subscribe my Youtube Channel if you haven’t already. If you don’t want to miss any videos, I trust you’ll turn those notifications on. If you prefer to watch on Facebook, you can hit the follow button there and make sure you be the first to see and not to miss any videos. You can also join the Youtube channel if you want a little promotion for your channel. I’ll put your username in my new videos. With this hacking ban in mind, my plan going forward is to just focus on my tutorials. My channel grew the most when I focused on my tutorial videos. I spent over $40,000 this year to get new hacking videos up. This is devastating timing on this and yet you can get still get the courses on Uthena if you’d like.

To be fair they didn’t just ban my hacking videos. They didn’t really even do something new but they made it clear and they’ve given fair warning to everyone now with hacking videos and tutorials to consider it dangerous. So, I appreciate you read my post till the end. You can follow me on Instagram, Linkedin, and Twitter. Also, If you want to see my videos on Youtube, I trust you’ll do that with a subscribe button, following on Facebook or with the join button on YouTube. Yes, this update will probably cost me $500 a month in ad revenue or so in the short term and if you’re willing to hit that join button on YouTube, then you can help me get some of that revenue back. I love you. You are awesome and I’ll see you in the next post.

Jerry Banfield