YouTube Channel Creation and Branding for Maximum Views and Subscribers.

How do we create a YouTube channel, specifically a brand account which allows us to have multiple Google accounts manage our one YouTube channel?

This is critical if ever we think there’s any possibility we might want help with our channel or we might want to collaborate with someone else on the channel.

This brand account creation process I’ll show you allows us to make an account that multiple Google accounts can manage on YouTube. If you just use your individual Google account and you ever want anyone to help with their YouTube channel they have to actually sign in to your Google account.

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So what I’ll show you how to do is how to create a brand account and a brand account will allow you more flexibility in terms of the name and the ability to have multiple Google accounts management.

So the first thing we do is just go to, sign into your Google account, which is pretty straight forward then we go up here on the right and we click on ‘Your Channel‘.

Now if you’ve not made a YouTube account before this will then say ‘Use YouTube as‘.

Now if you create a channel this way you can’t change the name and it has to be all under your own username and your Google account. If you want to create a brand account I recommend hit this ‘Use a business or other name’ down here.

So I click on this right now, now it has brand account name.

Now I can put my brand account name it doesn’t have to be my first and last name. I can have much more flexibility for it. You can see that this brand account can have a different name than a personal account and it allows you to create an account that is a brand not a personal account.

So once you click create now you’ll see what happens as the brand account is created. It takes a minute to load and now we’ve got a brand new channel for Uthena.

It says ‘You don’t have any uploads’. Now you can customize channel.

Now note that when you create it, you have to leave the name of it just the same. So I’m not aware if you can actually change it or not. You can go in here to ‘YouTube settings’.

Note that you can only hit it on Google. So you can change the name here on all the different products if you created it wrong.

Usually a simple name is ideal. So for my brand I’ve got it as Uthena and that’s just the simplest thing I’ve got here. I want it to just be Uthena.

Now this gets into what’s more important than the account process itself is how do you decide what to brand yourself as?

I recommend in most cases using your first and last name. Something that is never going to change. Because I’ve been on YouTube for over eight years now. The types of videos I’ve made have changed a lot of times and I’m finally making a brand account to collaborate with others and I’m using the name Uthena which is matching my company name and my website name to collaborate with others.

Thus the only reason I’m making a brand account is to collaborate with others. With your name, you want to think of this very carefully up front. And fortunately you can edit the name on Google, but you might as well create it properly from the beginning.

Now I can tell you from experience, I’ve created a bunch of different company accounts and company websites over the years, it’s best especially when you’re starting out to just be yourself, because even when you fail at things you’re still building a foundation.

For a YouTube channel, it’s ideal to have a brand account that is under your own name or some name you will be happy to be known by for the rest of your life.

Thus I recommend create a brand account that way if you ever need help with it you can have someone access the brand account directly instead of accessing your YouTube channel.

I hope this has been helpful to get started in showing you how to do the YouTube channel creation process.

Now, we have a few key tasks to do as soon as we start out.

So let’s take a look at the first things that I know as an experienced YouTuber we need to do to get this channel in order. So the first thing we need to do to get this channel in order we need to get the photo updated here to the company logo.

We need to start uploading videos obviously, but before we even upload anything, we want to change a few things on it.

We need to get a logo up here, we need to get the ‘About’ part of this done, and we need to get a thumbnail up on top.

That way when people find the channel even if there’s not that many that find it initially people have the basics here instead of just all this blank. So a blank channel like this does not look trustworthy, does not look worth subscribing to.

So we hit ‘Customize channel’ up here and this will allow us to put in our channel description.

it will allow us to put in our channel, and it will allow us to change the channel icon.

So now since it is linked to a brand account, we will need to actually go into and edit the brand account in order to put it up.

So I will need to get a photo to put up on here for the brand account.

Then I will need new channel art to put up here. I will need a channel description in here and I pick a location right away also.

This I can do immediately since I’m in the USA and it updates right away.

And some links. It is very good if you’ve got a website get those links done and you can also feature channels.

For example, I want to feature my own channel on here. It’s If I put that in here for the channel then I should be able to feature my own YouTube channel which can help me get some additional subscriptions.

I’ve got my own channel featured on here now which is nice to help people cross-reference it and thus this is the key thing that you need to do to get set up.

I will do a little bit more about the branding. The branding is so important for the long term, because it’s hard enough to get people to know your name and then when you change names back and forth, you lose a lot of what you put in.

For example, I’ve put in a lot of work to get people to know Jerry Banfield. When I’m creating this account as Uthena, I lose a lot, because hardly anyone’s heard of Uthena, but a lot of people have heard of Jerry Banfield.

Still for the long term, sometimes you need to start new things so that’s what I’m doing here.

Thank you for watching this tutorial. I hope it’s helpful to show you the YouTube channel creation.

Now the last thing to talk about is how to actually get some views and subs on your channel. Once you’ve got your channel here and you’ve put in your basics, your art, naturally you need to upload videos.

But one of the best things you can do for getting some new subs is to see if there’s any YouTube channels that will help give you those initial subscribers. For example, what I’m doing on my channel which has 280,000 subscribers I’m putting little cards in my channel all over on thousands of my videos that will go direct people to subscribe to the Uthena channel as soon as I’ve actually finished setting it up.

I’m directing people from my channel over to the Uthena channel to get that initial foundation of subscribers.

You might be able to find a YouTuber that will help you even if it’s just a few subscribers. Those initial subscribers are critical. Once you have some of those initial subscribers you start the feedback loop.

Another key thing to do to get views right away from the beginning is to just upload long format video tutorials and very specific how-to tutorials.

For example, this kind of video that shows how to take a concrete action like this on something that people might Google, people might want to know exactly how to create a YouTube channel in 2019, when you make something very specific like this this is a good way to get subscribers for your existing channels.

Also, YouTube has this new community updates feature for channels of significant size, a thousand subscribers or more, you may be able to find other YouTubers who put your channel out in a community update.

This all goes back to your relationships with others. If you’d like to build a relationship with me, just take a look at You can schedule a free call with me. And I’ve got a partner program that’s the best way to help me get to know you over time. Because if I’m going to share your YouTube channel, I need to get to know you and what you do.

Thus you can go about getting more views and subscribers with these tips. I trust this has been helpful for you. And another thing that’s really helpful to do too is show a very clear call to action in your videos preferably earlier.

Show the thing you want people to do. So I’ve got a little screen capture video like this saying, “Hey, hit that subscribe button. If you’d like to make sure to see more videos from me please hit that subscribe button and turn live notifications on.”

It’ll be very difficult for you to find any of my videos when I release them unless you go through and do that.

Thus on every video you want to make sure show people the exact call to action you’re looking for and that’ll help you get the highest ratio of viewers who are not subscribed that turn into subscribers. This is a big metric YouTube considers when ranking a video thus I trust you can help me out with that.

So thank you very much for watching this tutorial here with me.

I love you.

You’re awesome.

I imagine you’ll hit that subscribe button and we’ll see some more of each other soon or maybe we won’t.

Maybe this is it.


Jerry Banfield.