How To Remove and Avoid a YouTube Channel Copyright Strike!

A YouTube channel filed a copyright strike against me and it was really annoying which is what motivated me to write this for you!  The great news is that by following the simple process on this page to file a counter notification, in many cases you can get the strike removed faster than just letting it expire.  The one thing you cannot do is delete video!  If you already did that, I hope you are able to learn the value of researching a problem on Google immediately before taking your own action!

First, let’s make sure you are in the right place!  Have you received a YouTube channel copyright strike? Does your account status and features page look something like this?

youtube copyright strike

I will show you exactly how to get through this based on my experience getting through it myself. This was my YouTube account for most of the last two months, it was frustrating, it was difficult, I was aggravated because I think I have a great YouTube channel that you might love at, but it had this copyright strike and my account was in bad standing. I couldn’t upload longer videos. I could use my external notifications. I couldn’t create a paid channel or do unlisted private videos. It was really painful, especially to my ego. I felt a lot of pain and frustration on account of this. I was very frustrated to get hit with a copyright strike especially since I did not use someone else’s copyrighted material.

Here’s what my account looked like after completing the process I show you here.  If you would prefer to watch this instead of read, would you watch this video I made for you:

youtube strikes

Everything got back in full standing because I successfully went through the counter-notification process and got my video restored. I’m going to show you exactly what to do in order to go through this process successfully because this process has been the most frustrating thing I’ve gone through on YouTube by far.

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There’s nothing I’ve done that’s been so frustrating. I am going to take you through the process I went through to receive this final email:

youtube counter notification

That seems like a miracle from looking at when I had the notifications on the account. It’s not really that hard to go through and actually do this and I’ll show you how to do it for your own channel.

First, you will get an email similar to this one that I received:

youtube copyright strike directionsThis is where the nightmare started. I received this copyright strike email. The bottom of the email will show you that your video has been taken down and what you need to do to get your video restored and give you directions for what to do next. If you don’t have this email for some reason, go in your status and features there’s a “Submit Counter Notifications” button. Click on the link to go through the process and submit the counter notification.

The video I had up on my YouTube channel, the copyright owner actually said there was no copyrighted material in it, they did not cite any material that was actually copyrighted. What they were is frustrated that I put up a video that talked about them and it showed up on their search terms on their name and they hit me punitively with a copyright strike.

If you’ve got hit with a legit copyright strike where you know you’ve used someone’s copyrighted material without their permission, then you risk losing your entire account if you go through the copyright counter notification process. If you blatantly and knowingly take someone’s video completely, straight from their YouTube channel and upload it directly back to your YouTube channel, you do not want to submit a counter notification unless you want to risk losing your whole account and you risk getting sued. Here’s what’s going on with the counter notification process. YouTube took this video down because the person who filed this claim against me said that they were willing to initiate a lawsuit and that this was their copyright video. Then YouTube takes the video down.

What you’re doing when you go through the counter notification process and I’ll take you through the actual process in order to submit your video. If you submit your copyright counter notification you must give them, the party that submitted the copyright strike against you, everything they need in order to file a lawsuit against you.

Here is the email you get once you start going through the process:

copyright counter submission

The email says if YouTube receives no response from the other party, your video will be restored. I provided the person who submitted the copyright claim with all of my personal information, including my email address, my physical address, my full name, and my phone number. I gave them all of that information because the point of doing this process is YouTube sets both parties up to go through a lawsuit. Most of the time that’s not going to happen, but in submitting this counter notification is you give this person everything they need to file a lawsuit against you.

Submitting a counter notification basically tells the person to “go ahead and sue me, I didn’t do anything wrong.” You give them all of you information that they would need to file a lawsuit. If the person is out of the country, it’s a lot less of a concern. If the person’s in the same country as you or they can have legal presence in that country and you reasonably expect they could do a good job in court against you, you might not want to go through this process. In any other scenario, you absolutely want to submit the counter copyright notification as soon as possible.

copyright counter reasons

What you get is a little tiny blurb to explain to them exactly what went on. You can see this is a little paragraph I wrote. You have to explain why the copyright notification was wrong and why you had the right to use this video. I thought the profile photo of the person was included and I thought it was a good idea to mention that I had the right to use everything that I did under fair use for news reporting.

If you search fair use for news reporting, you can search the fair use rule on Wikipedia to see under what circumstances you have the right to use this. Remember, this is an example, this is not legal advice, but if you took someone else’s video they made and commented on it in a way that’s relevant in a way for news reporting commented on it the same way you might see the news doing then that’s fair.

You can’t just take the video verbatim and upload it with the same music and then try and say that’s fair use. What you want to do is learn about fair use a little bit before you submit your counter notification.

It’s really important to go through and submit your counter notification as soon as possible. That was the main thing I did right. As soon as I saw this, I went through and submitted my counter notification. Here’s what you need to submit your counter notification. In addition to your contact information, you need:

copyright counter next steps

That’s all you have to do to submit your counter notification and you’ll want to go and do that immediately.

Now you will get to the most challenging part of doing this. I submitted this on the date I got that original email, on April 5th, 2015 .I got the email confirming my counter notification on April 7th, two days later. On May 22, 2015 I got the email saying that my video was reinstated. I hope the most helpful thing you get out of this is that it will take patience and that’s normal for it to take that long. I was frustrated because when you get this email that says 10 – 14 business days from today.

The important thing is the video did get reinstated and the penalty did get removed from my account. I went from a place of frustration and getting these emails to now where my account’s in good standing and it did get removed. I think the default seems to be if you go through this process as soon as you get your copyright take down notification, you go in an submit the counter notice with as much information as you have on fair use or on how you own the copyright. You get your counter notification received email and then you play the waiting game.

The other scenario you can actually get the other party to retract their take down notice. If you see that in the email YouTube sent, you can actually contact the other party to ask them to retract their take down. That’s not likely to work, at least it didn’t’ work for me. I had been in communication with this person who had initiated this process on my channel prior to them doing this. Even though I sent them an email, a Facebook message, and a message on another platform, they ignored all of them.

It’s worth trying, at least, to politely request that the other person retract their take down and that you in return will do something for them such as delete the video. It’s much better option if you can get them to retract their take down and that’s a much faster option.

I actually had some type of relationship with the person that did this to my account. They did it knowing it was purely punitive and if you can repair that kind of relationship, you can get a retracted take down also. Otherwise you may have to sit through and wait through all of these processes I just showed you. You may have to wait nearly two months from the time it happens, but it’s worth the wait if you’ve got a YouTube channel that you’re using the features on it’s worth the wait.

I hope this can help you if you’re in the middle of a copyright notification understand that it might take a while. I hope this is useful for you because I know this was a very challenging thing for me on YouTube and I hope this is useful for you in what you’re doing with your YouTube channel. I hope this gives you the courage and the motivation to go through and do that counter notification right now to get that process started unless you’re in a place where you know you just copied the other party and you know you don’t want to actually have any repercussions legally from it. I hope all of this is useful for you.

Thank you very much for going through this with me. I appreciate the time you’ve spent here with me looking at my nearly two months through the copyright process and I hope this is useful for you in getting through any copyright take down issues or copyright strikes you have on your account.

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Jerry Banfield