Viral Videos with YouTube Creative Commons Video Library

This is part 3  in a series of 7 ways to make a viral YouTube video. See part 2 here.

The third way to make a viral video and this is what I’ve seen a lot of people do well, but I’ve not done myself, is to use the YouTube creative commons video library. These videos are licensed for you to use them to make your own video.

They’re not licensed for you to copy them verbatim and just re-upload them. However, you can take them one at a time and drag then into your YouTube editor to create a unique video. The YouTube editor is extremely powerful. ¬†This highly entertaining Honey Badger video is an example of something you could easily make with the YouTube editor. You can take footage from the creative commons videos and then narrate over it.

In the creative commons section of the YouTube editor, you can search for videos and you’ll find there are a bunch of videos that you can go through and find to make your own unique video out of it. What made the honey badger video was the incredibly funny narration.

In order to put your audio on it you need to download the video yourself, put the audio on it and re-upload it because what YouTube offers in the video are audio tracks you can put in. The problem is all of the audio tracks will remove the ability for you to make money through ads on your video and you want to have that, but you can remove the creative commons to put the video together and if you’re in your video manager, download MP4 and it will download onto your computer. Then all you have to do is use any video editing program like iMovie, Camtasia, or Windows Live Movie Maker which allows you to add the video and record your audio. You can also use a free program like audacity to record your audio in a good quality. No matter what computer you’re using, you have a way to do this. You can make the video, download it and use whatever movie maker you already have on your computer.