YouTube descriptions, search traffic, posting on Facebook, and blog posts for WordPress! Tip #5

Would you like to learn how and why I write video descriptions like this for YouTube, Facebook, and posts on my blog with WordPress at during my quick tip video #5? In summary, I take the time to write this because the organic search benefits on YouTube and Google are huge. Most YouTube videos lack a great description which makes it challenging for Google to understand exactly what is in the video unless many people watch it. Without this basic data, YouTube has no idea the ideal user to watch the video and makes nearly no effort to show the video. Unless the video has shocking or amazing viral video content, uploading a video to YouTube without a well crafted title and making description is mostly a waste of time if having people watch it is a priority. While it seems like a lot of extra time and energy to write a description like this, it also guarantees viewers will have the chance to find the video in YouTube search, suggested video, and browse features. If the benefits on YouTube alone are not worth the time, writing this description for Facebook posts makes a gigantic difference because most people simply scroll past most newsfeed items on Facebook. Writing this is one of my few opportunities to tell you a short story and share something that might be helpful if you are not in a position to watch the video explaining the rest which according to the data is likely to be the case. I often will not take the time to watch videos as long as I make but I often may take a minute to read the text about it which then sometimes raises my interest level to where I do want to watch the video. With every post I make on my Facebook page reaching thousands of people, the description I write is actually seen by 10 times as many people on average as those that watch the video. When all this still is not enough to share the value of why I write these video descriptions, the final part of the masterpiece is publishing this as a post on my blog. Given all the time I have devoted to writing this (about ten minutes), I want to get the absolute most out of this effort possible. At nearly 400 words, I have enough for an entire blog post here on this topic which I can literally make in WordPress by copying the YouTube video title and pasting this description. The one problem is a thumbnail which I can quickly get by grabbing a screenshot from the video. In just an extra five minutes or so, I can reflect this effort to write the description on my blog which then gives my website the chance to get Google organic search traffic which is absolute gold for internet marketing. On top of these benefits, when you visit my blog at and see that I have hundreds of blog posts that all reflect my voice (not guest posts or outsourced writers), you are very likely to trust what I have to share and become a more active follower online. Blogs on websites of companies and people I am interested in working with are consistently where I can view the show and tell. Regardless of what the sales page says, I will really get to know you on your blog. I consistently avoid websites without an active blog because this is an easy way for me to predict my customer experience. I am quick to sign up with companies where an active blog has been maintained with hundreds of posts explaining what they do and related items. At 600+ words now, I have a description that has a high probability of ranking well on YouTube on a video, in Google both on the blog post and video, and being read on Facebook to the point of learning something new or reinforcing an existing habit. Thank you very much for reading this and I hope to see you again soon!  Will you watch the video below that I originally wrote this for as a description?


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