How To Master Viral Videos With YouTube Editor

This is part 2  in a series of 7 ways to make a viral YouTube video. See part 1 here.

What did I do to make my second viral video on YouTube? This starts to get a little more challenging, but once you start to get some courage by using the simplicity of using Google Hangouts on Air you can give this a try. I made the Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial using the YouTube editor and I took the video I created in Part 1 and stuck it in at the end of this one. I made a newer version of the same tutorial on Google Hangouts on Air.

I used the YouTube editor to easily combine the two videos. To find the YouTube editor, you should click on your channel icon and then click on creator studio, click create, and then video editor. In the video editor you can search your own videos and then you can stick your own videos in here and make a new video out of your existing video.

For example, if I wanted to drag two of my inspirational videos together I can dray both of them into the video editor and the video editor will combine them for you. The is very powerful, you can literally just do this full time. If you wanted to just wanted to make videos full time, you can probably do the YouTube editor full time.

If you find another YouTube course, this is likely to be called a secret. It’s not exactly secret since it’s an integral part of the creator studio and I showed it to you totally for free. Here, you can put videos together, you can add text and audio and all kinds of cool things. There are a lot of powerful features you can use.

In this video, I just put two videos together and made it into a viral video because I wanted a video that was longer. You’ll notice the first video has a much better introduction than the following video and I just put another video on the end to make it longer and give it more detailed information and to give it try a new title.

It has a lot in common with the last viral video I showed you and it takes everything I learned about that first viral video about key words work, about what works to get clicks. It is it all into a new video that’s longer and you’ll see this one has 70,000 views and if I go into my videos, you’ll notice this one if getting more minutes watched than that last video.

youtube video editor

If I compare the two, this video using the editor is getting 2.5 more free views because it’s longer and because it’s newer. I learned more about what works with keywords. I made this several months later and even though it has half the views, it’s getting more views right now. Every step you take in your YouTube videos you keep learning. You learn more about what works and you can try different things. With the video editor you can take the old videos you made and maybe make a better intro, maybe combine them with some other video, and then put it into another video. You can use your own videos and combine them in different ways and do different things like mix up the keywords, give it a different title, or try a different screenshot or thumbnail for the cover.

That’s one way that I’ve made a viral video with the YouTube editor. What I’m going to show you next is how you can make a viral video with the YouTube editor without even filming your own videos. I have not actually done this before, but I will show you how you can do it and how it’s working for other people.