YOUTUBE! How to Start Building a Following from Zero with Video Tutorials

Are you ready to build a following and launch your own YouTube channel? Do you want to be able to be a full time YouTuber?

The best way to do that is to grow your YouTube following by teaching and, you can teach anything on YouTube! Video tutorials are the number one type of video I consistently recommend.

I will show you how to make outstanding videos teaching anything, right here in this video, which I hope acts as a good example.

I am Jerry Banfield, I have 285,000 subscribers. I’m a full time YouTuber. I’m grateful that viewers alongside you’ve watched over 15 million views on my videos, I’ve been on YouTube for eight years.

One thing you can do to really help me is to hit that subscribe button, we please help us reach 500,000 subscribers because that’s the latest arbitrary goal I’ve set in my little mission here.

I’m very grateful for over a million views all for free, in the last 90 days, 25,000 subscribers, and the ad revenue is a fraction of the total earnings from the channel, thank you for giving me the chance to be a full-time YouTuber.

Here’s how you can do it, what I will do is go through with you the equipment, software and support that are critical to be able to be a full time YouTuber.

For a full list of what I use please visit

And to just make a strong start, I’ll go through the microphones. I’ll go through the USB interface, the cameras, the green screen, the software you can use.

One key step that a lot of us miss is the services and support things like graphic design, or a membership group.

If I had to start over again, I’d start off the following three things, I would do different…

  • I would immediately buy the equipment on here. Instead of using halfway cheap or built-in laptop mics and cameras, the first thing I would do is immediately buy better equipment. It sets you apart from the majority and it makes you included with the professional YouTubers, which get almost all the views. It stands you out from everyone who’s not.
  • I would also immediately get to filming video tutorials, screen capture tutorials, especially instead of wasting time on all these other videos that are very hard to get views on unless you’ve got a following.
  • The third thing I would do is immediately join a group where people are already doing what I’m doing. I can get to know them, ask questions, be accountable and get help.

I will walk you through each step of it and I’m grateful I’ve seen these questions so many times that I’ve got all this together for you. Let’s go!

I’ll walk you through one step at a time here.

The first thing is the microphone, you might not think a microphone is that important. But a microphone is so important for good quality audio. If you start out using some crappy microphone as I did, it makes it difficult to keep people watching and ultimately to have great YouTube videos, you need people to keep watching after you’ve started making the video and bad audio turns people off on a subconscious level and it’s one of those quality signals that this is crap. It’s not good. It’s not trustworthy.

Therefore you can get through that the easiest thing you can do is get a microphone, this is a microphone I recommend, (Shure SM58-S) because it’s very good to pick up just your voice.

If you’re filming somewhere noisy. This will help not pick all of that up what you need when you’ve got this microphone.

You can help me out a lot using the exact links into the description to each of these on th blog post. Some of these are affiliate programs where you can help me earn and feel good doing that

If you will want to use this microphone, this is what you see people using on stage because it’s a standby. It’s a classic, it works really well. And Man, I wish someone had just told me this, when I started, I’ve spent almost $1,000 buying different microphones.

I have a level up from this, which for some reason I forgot to put in here. But this is good enough until you are full time I would say.

The next key thing you need in order to use this mic, you need a USB audio interface.

You can then plug in this interface as a microphone, and this will get it into your computer. You’ve got great volume control on this and the audio will sound great coming in.

So many amateurs that I talked to and the same as I was when I started thinking, well, I’ll just use this built-in microphone and then I’ll do post. I’ll do audio editing on it afterwards.

-No, no, no, that takes up a ton of time.

When I don’t have to do any editing on my videos at all. For better or worse, my audio comes in sounding like this. That way I don’t waste tons of time trying to edit it and make it sound halfway decent.

Spend the money, get this microphone Shure SM58-S and get this audio interface. And then you don’t need to go through and do all this audio processing just to make it sound halfway decent.

The alternative to this, what I’ve used a lot getting started was the Blue Yeti USB microphone and this is really popular people consistently recommend it. There’s one big downside in this microphone though.

It picks up a bunch of other noise. So, If you’re recording somewhere and there’s cars honking outside, there’s people talking in the background.

This is another one of those things that greatly lowers your quality on a subconscious level. For this reason, I’m no longer recommending the Blue Yeti USB microphone unless you have a very quiet environment to record.

And even if you do, it captures all the echo significantly as well. For this reason I’m recommending the Shure, and the Focusrite.

Once you’ve got your microphone, the next key thing to do is to get a camera and I recommend get this exact camera I use this on a lot of my videos.

This is a big upgrade for only a little bit of more money over the camera I used before.

The Logitech C930e is a really good quality webcam, it’ll look much better than using your built-in camera. It gives you a great picture, it’s got a nice extended view to it and if you want to do the next step I recommend after the cameras use the green screen, you want a camera that works good with a green screen, this camera works good with a green screen.

Now if you really want to go try hard on this thing I researched this so long. To get it right.

I use the Canon XA11 professional camcorder now because I’m a full time YouTuber and this gives me a significantly better picture quality versus the Logitech C930e especially off of the green screen.

Now this cost a lot more and you also need a capture card to bring this into your computer. So I don’t recommend this if you’re just getting started.

The big benefit of this though is that if you want to go film on a location somewhere you can take this camera and you could connect the microphone and you could take the camera and the microphone and go film videos out of your studio which with the Logitech you’re not going to be able to do.

Now for the next big step to stand out and look high quality is to get a green screen.

I have a painted wall behind me which you’re probably not going to do. What you can do is get a collapsible chroma key panel.

This is awesome, they did not have these, I suppose I could have bought a projector screen and painted at Green. But they did not have these when I started out, you can literally put this down on the floor. And then you just pull it up and then it takes away the the low quality look of having your bedroom and whatever is going on behind you in the background.

It takes you up to another level, use a green screen and help you stand out a lot.

When you combine all of this, the cost for all of this is about $500 to look professional. That makes a huge difference on YouTube and your click-through rate CTR and, how long people watch.

The way I see it if you want to become a full time YouTuber ever, then act like one right now.

A full time youtuber would have a microphone that’s good, a camera that’s good and a green screen at least available.

Those are things that a full time YouTuber has. Act as if, and then you will actually have it come true.

These are the equipment I recommend before even getting into doing anything else like screen capture video tutorials, get the equipment that will make your tutorial sound good. And then you’re ready for the next step.

Once you’ve got your microphone, your camera, and your green screen, we will get into software next. I’ve got links to all the equipment at the end of this post.

Now let’s get into software and I’ll explain a little bit of this first.

I started making video tutorials successfully with Camtasia. It works great on Windows. I’m not impressed at all without working on my Mac, but I had a lot of luck using it on Windows. I filmed a lot of videos successfully on Mac with it before but for some reason 2019 it’s not working good.

So I’ve given you a few different options here. Based on you could do the free trial and see which ones you like best.

I trust if you want to give either of these a shot you’ll use these free trial links I’ve got for you here that will help me earn if you actually purchase

What I actually use to film my videos and what I recommend to start with, is OBS which is free and works on Windows, Mac and Linux.

I actually use OBS or Open Broadcaster Software. It’s really for live streaming, but it makes my video tutorials awesome because I’ve also combined this with an El Gallo stream deck.

This allows me to do stuff, like move my screen around, throw a little subscribe up through a little Facebook follow thing up though pitch for my partner program up. And all I’m doing is hitting buttons over here where I can dynamically change the camera angle.

I recommend for your workflow, getting started OBS can be really nice because it’s free.

And you don’t have to render any of the videos if use Camtasia or Screenflow you will need to Record, Edit and then Render.

The edit and rendering will usually take you much longer than the actual filming process itself.

I use OBS because I’ve done thousands, and I think I’m getting close to 5000 videos I’ve done I put 3000 on Udemy when I was teaching on there, I’ve got over 2500 on YouTube. I’ve done so many videos that I don’t need to edit my videos, my speaking comes out not quite as scripted, but it comes out good enough that I can save all that time editing, I plan stuff out ahead. So I can just pull the windows out tab I don’t need to edit it all.

In the beginning, if you’re speaking is so terrible, you absolutely have to edit.

I recommend minimize or avoid editing as much as possible, because it just takes up so much time and if you really want to be a full time YouTuber, or even just want to get started you ultimately time will generally be your biggest constraint. You’ll either have a full time job, you’ll only have a little bit of time to do YouTube, or you might have a lot of time but if you get into editing, a lot of your time will disappear and editing and rendering process.

OBS is a great way to just get started, get your camera, get your microphone and get your screen capture recorder. You hit Record, talk, hit Done. Video is ready to upload.

That is what is motivating me to use OBS, literally as soon as I hit record the video is done, I give it over to my video editor he uploads that, it appears on my channel. That allows me to go film 5-10-15-20 videos all in one session and at which point is hella sweaty in here because Florida and air conditioner is off to make the best sound quality.

You want to be able to produce the most in the least amount of time.

However, if you are not able to just do videos you may need to edit in the beginning, I’ve taken a lot of time to talk about this because this is one of those those choke points where you get into the editing, it takes so long you stop actually doing it.

Just think of these things up front. Now if you absolutely need to edit for one reason or another, I highly recommend use either Camtasia or Screen Flow.

We’ll take a look at each of these right now.

So Camtasia, if you use my link, you’ll see a Windows download or a Mac download, the best thing is to you can put your name your email in here and click get a link for later and a link will be emailed to directly to you. -That’ll help me out if for using the affiliate- and then in case you forget what the name of the software was later, which is very possible, you’ll have it in your email.

Screenflow, if you want a free trial of Screenflow down here you can put it in and this is what it looks like.

I’ll explain the key features of both of these programs.

Both of these programs allow you to record your screen, your audio and your camera all at once and then dynamically edit them.

You can do audio processing in both of these programs and you can produce professional looking videos using either Camtasia, or Screen Flow, they have a ton of features on here. If I go over and look at Screenflow, it’s $129. And as they say, you can easily create stunning videos with Screenflow.

For video tutorials Screen Flow is awesome, there’s a ton of tools that you can use for it and the only the issue with either of these can be the learning curve, learning how to use each of these programs.

But there’s YouTubers out there who’ve already got you covered on that and I will make some tutorials. These as well on my channel.

On the downside for me using Open Broadcaster Software or OBS Studio, I am not able to change anything after the fact on my face. So for example, if I don’t like that I put my face here during the video, then I can’t edit that.

When you recording Camtasia or Screenflow, you can just record it, you don’t have to worry about where your face is. You can put your face and you can adjust things, you can zoom in, you can do all that post-processing and make it look really smooth.

You can do things like making the mouse click, for example, on Camtasia you can do things like zoom in on the mouse. It’s really easy to show people where you’re clicking, there’s all kinds of effects you can add, you can zoom in, you can even make little quizzes in the video, it’s easy to add music, do presentations, I recorded thousands of videos on Camtasia,

I’m getting Screenflow now because it doesn’t work good on the Mac I have but I record most on OBS Studio because it’s the easiest.

If you want to use OBS Studio to record that you probably will want to use an editing program to do it. I like on Mac Final Cut Pro X or Final Cut Pro 10. This is what I use to edit my videos and it’s got really powerful video editing features in it, you can just do almost anything and Final Cut Pro that I want to do.

I hope now I’ve given you a really good overview on the equipment and the software you need to get started among Camtasia, Screen Flow or OBS, you can’t possibly go wrong. These have you covered from every angle.

If you’re thinking about well, should I just use OBS and then live stream also, generally live streaming is a waste of your time until you filmed probably 50 or 100 plus video tutorials, laid a foundation out, got some people following you then streaming might be worth it.

I do not suggest live streaming, Live Streaming is generally a waste of your time until you’ve already built a following.

That’s according to me with a lot of experience livestreaming, that’s according to several other streamers that I’ve seen their videos and ask them the same question, you need to build a following up with tutorials before you do live streaming. Otherwise, you’ll just have zero viewers most of the time, be really demotivated and you’ll be wasting the time you could have used to make video tutorials.

If you think about how you work, why video tutorials, people search for video tutorials or video tutorials get suggested to people based on previous searches.

YouTube is really good for helping people with the How-to.

The final part of this that I’ve learned the absolute hardest way on this nothing has been harder for me than getting help with my YouTube channel. Because after a few years of messing around and being unhappy with the results, it was pretty straightforward. Although it’s much more challenging than I made it for you here.

I tried a bunch of microphones, cameras. I mean, at one point, I literally bought four cameras and tested them all because I just couldn’t find anything like this that just gives it all to I tried all this different software.

The one thing that’s taken me the absolute longest is getting help with my channel.

If you’re just getting started, you might think -Well, I’m certainly not going to get a graphic designer from the very beginning- and if I had to go back and do it again, as soon as I got the equipment, I would get help immediately with graphic design. If you see any of my old thumbnails, they were absolutely atrocious.

Thumbnails on YouTube lead to click through. If you have atrocious thumbnails that people don’t click on, then people don’t even start watching your video, then YouTube learns that -Oh this video is not very good, nobody wants to watch this so, why show this to anyone?

I literally have seen my Click Through Rates (CTR) do as much as five or ten times better. Using professionally designed thumbnails versus using my own.

I have consistent CTR on my channel of around 5%, which I used to have CTR of around a 0.5% to 2% with my own thumbnails. Thumbnails are huge on YouTube.

I remember it aggravated me when a guy who had a course off talking how to make thousands a month on YouTube to stress the importance of thumbnails in his course, and aggravated me I ignored the advice to my own peril.

And today I can tell you from the very beginning. Get good thumbnails.

You put all this work into making a video and you do some halfway done thumbnail then you get frustrated because it sits there with one or two views for the next year. And you’ll think well why did I even do this?

A thumbnail is one of those small things that makes a massive difference and finding a graphic designer can be a real pain but I’ve made it easy for you.

This is the graphic designer I work with, her name is Auret, she has her own YouTube channel with Essetino Artists on YouTube. She has over 20,000 subscribers. So she’s a YouTuber herself. She does all of my thumbnails, she’s done over 500 of my thumbnails, I’ll show you the air table spreadsheet we have.

This is how I film now. When I have ideas, I just put the name of it down and any photo assets and options and Auret goes and makes me thumbnails. I’ve got right here I have over 60 videos I’m ready to film. What I do is I get a thumbnail professionally designed by Auret who’s done thousands of graphic design gigs. And that’s how I started out this video.

Instead of using the same static picture of me every time, I literally just have my video editor take the first shot of the video. So right when the video starts, take a screenshot upload that as a thumbnail. That way my face and what I’m wearing is consistently different on every video and it’s honest, whatever I’m wearing in the actual video is the same as the thumbnail.

I get a thumbnail designed, and it costs $20 a thumbnail because I have a lot of thumbnails every day and I make the workflow really easy.

I have ideas and as soon as I’m ready to start filming, I literally just put the thumbnail on the background just like this, I start talking and then I’ve got a professional looking and honest, consistently branded thumbnail.

This way, when you’re scrolling through YouTube, and you see my face, you know it’s one of my videos, even without seeing my name.

That is something that’s really powerful for building a following on YouTube.

And if you want to work with Auret, I’ve made it so easy for you. There’s a direct link right here.

What you do with Auret, instead of buying a specific one thumbnail -which is really annoying to do repeatedly- what you can do is just put credit for design, and Auret has her prices listed here for graphics, and she has a wide variety of talents,

What you do is you just put on credit and set up a workflow with Auret then you just consistently ask her to do new projects, and you make big lump-sum payments to make things easier for everyone instead of using Fiverr and having to manually order every single time a gig for a thumbnail, which is really annoying.

You set up a workflow like this and it will allow you to really take things to the next level, especially when combined with the equipment, especially when combined with the software I’ve recommended. What I do is, I make $1000 payments to Auret and she just cranks out thumbnails, I check the balance when the balance gets towards zero, I put another $1000 on, that way she knows she’s already got paid the money.

As a customer, when you pay with PayPal, I have the opportunity if anything happens, I always have PayPal’s help, which is not needed with Auret. But just as a general practice, I find it’s better to pay freelancers in advance. So they know they’ve got the money. And I require the same myself. This is how it works.

It works really well and thank God for her, I’ve I struggled with this for so many years on my own. I’ve worked with so many graphic designers who’d be flaky on Fiverr and Auret is full time online and she’s consistently available.

The graphic design is a huge element for help

There’s one more element that’s huge for help and that is some kind of a mastermind, some kind of coaching, some kind of accountability.

I’ve heard over and over in the business books I’ve read about the value of coaching, and I know it in my personal life, I go to Alcoholics Anonymous every day, and getting a sponsor was one of those first big steps I took that made a lot of difference.

The sponsor is essentially a sobriety coach, which is really helpful when you’re newly sober. You’re having a hard time quitting drinking, because you loved it so much and yet, its destructive. And you need help.

Having someone who’s already been there and got through the tough beginning is really helpful to answer questions.

The main thing, that if I had to do it all over again, having a coach and a membership group in place from the beginning.

I would absolutely do that right away. Because when you start doing something like YouTube, you don’t even know what you don’t know. And that’s the true state of helplessness.

What I think of is, if I don’t know what to google, that is really when I need help. Help is often just point me in the right direction. For example, when I don’t even know what to google, I can’t even figure out what I need to know. But I often can ask someone who will help me figure out –Oh Jerry, this is what you need to google– and then I can learn it from there.

Just a little tips like that help and what I have now, and the main way I monetize being a full time YouTuber now is I have a partner program developed to meet my needs as a full-time YouTuber income of course, and my needs include helping people and being of service and connecting with you.

For me, it also means that my needs for support, I go to my partners, and I share my whatever I’m struggling for help with and I get amazing advice because our Partner Program I’ve developed is full of full time entrepreneurs online.

YouTubers like Jewel and Auret, who I just showed you about their graphic design, YouTubers that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers, YouTubers that are making $10.000+ a month selling video courses online, investors, bloggers, we have people trying to start their business, we have journalists, we have got a wide variety of talent in the Partner Program and that helps us all learn and grow and connect.

The best part I think about the partner program is that you can actually schedule, you get access to my calendar to schedule a one-on-one call with me every month. And I’ve been able to help people massively with these one on one calls. It helps keep you accountable when you know you’re going to talk to me every single month and encourages you to stick with things when it’s difficult.

Becoming a full-time YouTuber is challenging because there are dips and often the dips are right after you’ve been excited about something and you see the results.

You put hours and hours into making your best video tutorial ever and no one watched it, or worse yet it gets flagged or, you have a problem over it and I’ve been through so many things like that. I’m resilient, and I can help you learn to be resilient to get through all these ups and downs. We have weekly group calls, where consistently someone is struggling with something somebody just got banned from something, or there’s some key issue that we all help with.

It’s just similar to going to an AA meeting, it’s just helpful to hear what everybody else is doing to get some ideas to get inspired and that’s the partner group is.

I could not find the right support group for me, I looked around and saw groups that cost too much and didn’t seem to offer ongoing value, groups that didn’t cost enough for you to have a bunch of scammers and spammers constantly on the edge of moderation and, groups where there wasn’t a focus on one key goal of being a full-time entrepreneur online.

I trust if you want the very best help you’ll join, you’ll become a partner today.

Thank you very much for watching this complete video tutorial here with me on showing you how to grow a following on YouTube teaching anything.

I’ve went through all the best information, I’ve condensed it to shortest format I can while explaining how it all connects together. I imagine I’ll just do this several more times to take shots at making these videos then one of them will probably do really well

I trust you will hit that subscribe button if you haven’t already because this will help you see more videos like this with more advanced things. I’ll keep sharing three new videos a day to help you however I can think of and just in the interest of diversification if you want to watch on YouTube, I trust you hit that follow button, put “see first” and you can so it’ll actually come up in your newsfeed.

You can even turn notifications on if you really want to go full tryhard on it and if you want that upper level best experience, I’ll see you in the partner program.

Thank you very much for watching this I love your awesome and I imagine since you got all the way to the last second of this video, you’ll be watching another video soon.

Jerry Banfield

Equipment, Software and Additional Support Links


Recommend microphone:
USB interface for recommended microphone:
Alternative microphone: Blue Yeti USB Microphone – Silver
Cheaper Logitech C930e 1080P HD video webcam
Best quality camera I use Cannon XA11
Elgato Green Screen – Collapsible chroma key panel


Camtasia 2019 free trial
Screenflow free trial link
OBS to record free on Windows, Mac, and Linux:
Final Cut Pro X for editing on Mac with OBS

Services and Support:

Graphic design by Auret
Jerry Banfield Partners with weekly calls, group coaching, and a 1 on 1 call every month at