YouTube Marketing Strategy Plan for 2014

What YouTube marketing strategy do I use in 2014 that can work for you?

  1. Choose video topics people are interested in learning about.
  2. Make videos sharing helpful information about those topics.
  3. Upload and tag each video carefully in line with existing videos.
  4. Use Google AdWords to get at least 1,000 global views on that video.
  5. Share that video on Google+, on Twitter, and on my website.

Why is this YouTube marketing strategy the best data driven plan for me?

  1. Choosing YouTube video topics people care about sets up a positive reinforcement loop when the right topic is chosen.  People on YouTube want to watch most everything but tend to focus in certain areas.  Finding an area where the competition is low and the demand is high is best accomplished by watching videos yourself and finding the gaps in effective help.  I did this with Facebook advertising starting in 2013 when I tried to find the best videos on Facebook ads and found there were none describing the best way to get a lot of likes using Facebook ads.  My first video got thousands of organic views which encouraged me to make many more on the same topic.  Those new videos now do much better than the original.  On YouTube, making videos about the right topic is more important than the videos themselves.
  2. When I make videos with helpful information, people are likely to watch longer videos than you would ever believe.  I have three hour videos people often watch 90 minutes or more of.  The reason they watch is that what I share is the best of what I know totally for free.  I try to image what a person like me doing it themselves would want to know to get it right and I share that as best I can.  YouTube comments consistently show that people enjoy a video without a sales pitch since almost any internet marketing video on YouTube includes one.  My YouTube marketing strategy plan begins with figuring out the right topic to make a video on that matches with what I can be most helpful in talking about.
  3. Uploading and tagging your YouTube videos is critical for success because most people do not do this well.  The average YouTube user adds too few tags, irrelevant tags, or skips tagging completely.  YouTube is similar to exact match in Google search which means if the word is not included, getting your video to come up in search results is really difficult.  YouTube allows you to add up to 500 characters in tags to your video and you want to use all of that.  I start by searching for the exact keywords I want to rank on.  Next, I title my video that when I upload it.  Then, I copy the uploaded title to the video title and start tagging my video based on the title and other videos already ranking on that keyword.  I aim carefully where I want to rank and it consistently seems to work based on my video rankings.

What is the secret to making my YouTube marketing strategy work in 2014?

  1. Using Google AdWords to promote my videos is the single biggest difference in what I do versus what more than 90 percent of YouTube users do.  Using Google AdWords to promote my videos addresses 80/20 on YouTube putting all of my videos in the 20 percent that get 80 percent of the views instead of being in the 80 percent that get 20 percent of the views.  I first learned of this concept in The 4 Hour Workweek and Perry Marshal wrote an entire book on it called 80/20 Sales and Marketing.  I like it so much that I call myself an 80/20 spiritual author and speaker now.
  2. 80/20 is so important on YouTube because of the number of people uploading videos.  If you do everything I listed before this and skip using Google AdWords, you might get a few views on each video over time.  If you make thousands of videos, you might get one or two of them to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands.  YouTube ranks videos partially on how big the channel is which means a newer YouTube channel has almost no chance on ranking on more competitive areas and bigger channels often can take first place with no effort.  Google AdWords for video gives any YouTube video the chance to rank high if you go for the most minutes watched per dollar spent.  I do this the same way I did as a pioneer on the global Facebook ads for maximum likes strategy.  I target worldwide and setup my ads with the intent to get the most minutes watched for the lowest cost.  Often this means I can spend between $50 and $1,000 to land a top of the first page result on nearly any topic depending on competition.
  3. For the long term growth and success of your YouTube channel, getting organic views is critical.  While Facebook has pushed to a pay to play model, YouTube is based mostly on search results and suggested videos making it the ideal place for inbound marketing.  YouTube search is currently the second largest volume of search online and the competition in most areas is a fraction of what you run into on Google.  On top of that benefit, ranking well on YouTube usually leads to a high ranking in Google.  I have been working on my YouTube channel just a little longer than my new website.  How many search results do you think my YouTube channel gets from Google compared to my website?

Use this YouTube marketing strategy to get traffic from Google search.

  • My YouTube channel gets around double the Google organic search referrals that my website does despite me putting similar time, energy, and money into each.  The best part is my YouTube channel ranks in insanely competitive Google search topics like Facebook ads help where I would have to pay $5 to $15 per click with Google AdWords.  Nearly half the traffic I get to my website comes directly from YouTube from links in my video annotations and descriptions.  The most incredible part of this entire story is that this has taken only a year to accomplish on YouTube!  I am blown away by the long term evergreen value YouTube offers as a social media marketing platform.  Everything I do now is planned around using my YouTube marketing strategy as a foundation for my long term success.
  • Your and my YouTube marketing strategy also combines perfectly with all other efforts on social media.  The videos you make for YouTube can be uploaded to Facebook where they now play automatically.  I always share my YouTube videos on Google+, Twitter, and my website to get them the most traffic and show Google I have some social media attention.  On Twitter, I can see every time someone tweets one of my videos which has helped to raise my Klout score into the top 10% of influencers online in social media and digital marketing.

Planning an effective YouTube marketing strategy has been my biggest single point of success.

You can use what I have written here to make it yours!

My YouTube video creation system has consistently improved in response to both positive feedback about what I should do more of and negative feedback such as needing better audio and visual equipment.  Building a great YouTube marketing strategy gives you the opportunity to leverage inbound marketing more effectively than 80% of people trying with 20% of the effort.

YouTube appreciates great videos.  When you match your videos on the right topics with helpful information, effective tagging, promotion with Google AdWords for video, and sharing on social media, you will see the benefits of having an exceptional YouTube marketing strategy as a foundation of planning your inbound marketing.

YouTube marketing strategy questions and answers.

  1. What do you do in your video descriptions on YouTube? I start by making sure all of my keywords from the title are included in the first sentence or two.  Often I put a read more link to the related blog post on my website.  After that, I dump the kitchen sink in the video description.  Since YouTube is exact match, I have the best chance of matching on a long tailed keyword by having a bigger video description.  I try to make out the description using text from my related blog post.  I saw early on that my videos with bigger description got shared and backlinked much more often that did my shorter descriptions.  I continue to see my videos with the best descriptions ranking the highest.
  2. Do you use a Google+ profile linked to your YouTube channel?  Absolutely and I highly recommend having your YouTube channel linked to your Google+ profile for search results and social sharing.  My Google+ profile has had over 100,000 views nearly all from my YouTube channel.
  3. How do you target on Google AdWords for video?  I target all countries in English using only in stream ads with accelerated delivery on broad category matches for the lowest bid possible.
  4. Can I just give you my YouTube videos and you run them in Google AdWords for me?  If your videos are compliant with Google AdWords terms and you want at least 10,000 views on a video, sign up for my emails and reply to contact me.  Make sure you give me your YouTube video link, how many views you want, and what your budget is.
  5. How do I choose the right topic?  My first 50+ YouTube videos were on random topics including dating, the Casey Anthony case, and politics.  Most of these videos got very few views and nearly no positive reinforcement.  Nearly two years after starting and neglecting my YouTube channel, I uploaded a couple of tacky business promotion videos which were not well liked.  I tried uploading a few webcam videos answering questions about Facebook pages that got some positive feedback and reinforcement.  One day I decided I would do a live training session showing how I got likes on Facebook for under $0.01 each with Google+ hangouts on air after seeing how others were using it successfully.  This training session on YouTube got a ton of positive feedback and lots of negative feedback about my crappy microphone and lack of more in depth coverage on most topics.  I made several more versions of this video over the next six months and now have the most successful Facebook ad training videos on YouTube.  You might have to work a while to find your ideal place and you might have to fail a lot like I did to find it.  Some topics like weight loss, making money online, and affiliate programs are challenging to promote on Google AdWords which eliminates your best chance for growth.  Some topics like music are really frustrating due to copyright issues and others can get your channel banned in areas like hacking and reviews, especially Amazon reviews with an affiliate link.  Getting momentum on YouTube is channeling and offers much more potential when done well than any other single online social media platform.
  6. Do you recommend for or against getting YouTube views on sites like Fiverr?  You should never use websites like Fiverr to buy YouTube views because you can get your videos removed and your channel banned.  I did it when Fiverr was new and nearly a year later YouTube removed the videos from my channel.  I was lucky that was all they did and might have got my channel banned if it was brand new or only had videos I had promoted on Fiverr.  YouTube can easily buy the services on Fiverr and reverse engineer methods to detect them.  You want to avoid any artificial means of boosting your YouTube growth outside of Google AdWords because YouTube prefers to get paid for helping you grow your channel.  YouTube will punish you if you pay someone else to do anything besides make Google AdWords for video ads for you.
  7. What about using Vimeo for your business videos?  I have a Vimeo pro account and I think Vimeo is excellent for what it is intended to do which is host beautiful videos with no interruptions.  This same strength is a limitation to getting organic traffic which I see as the primary value YouTube offers.  I plan to try videos on demand with Vimeo and using Vimeo more often.  The challenge I always see is that even if YouTube is not as polished looking, I would rather any views on my website count towards my minutes watched on YouTube rather than counting towards nothing if watched on Vimeo.
  8. How much do you spend on Google AdWords for video?  More than 90% of my company’s paid advertising budget is dedicated to YouTube because the data tells me I get the highest long term ROI from spending money on YouTube ads.  Last year I spent most of my paid ad budget on Facebook ads.  While I would guess 2015 will continue my trend of focusing on my YouTube marketing strategy plan, I am always trying other methods of paid ads like AdRoll and Pinterest ads to see if the new opportunities are better than the old.

Thank you for reading my YouTube marketing strategy!

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