When to Start Comment Moderation on YouTube?

Let’s tackle a topic today that has been difficult for me over the last few years – when to apply comment moderation to a channel, specifically my YouTube channel.

What I’ve done over the last few years is I practiced the philosophy of love and tolerance so you can say whatever you want on my videos and I won’t do anything about it. The effect of this has been to allow my videos to be a place of trolling and hating, and this has had an impact on me. Releasing some of my videos like the one yesterday about how to get more views on YouTube showing the value of using YouTube ads to rank videos higher, I was just hesitant to even release this for fear and annoyance to see all the comments that will come out about how little views I have, based on “Oh what you’re doing is not good enough” and somebody fictionally does have but I don’t. Then in my response to the comments, what I’ve started to notice is that, when there’s a lot of trolling in the comments, this seems to off put viewers who are excited and enjoying something and looking for the discussion.

When to Start Comment Moderation on YouTube?

I’ve reflected on what I’ve noticed on other YouTube channels and I’ve seen the comments, especially the bigger the channel is, appear to rely heavily on moderation. For example, I’m thinking about one video that had tens of thousands of views in the first 24 hours about how to do some various tutorial on YouTube, to get more views, that kind of thing, and there was not one comment, not a single comment trolling that was older than an hour or two, there were no snowballing comments either where a bunch of people were agreeing with something that was said that was negative. Almost every single comment was “Oh my god this channel so great thank you for your tips and what I’ve reflected on is, if I think of my YouTube channel like a house I’ve been allowing anyone to come in and throw poop anywhere around the house and then leave, which stinks up the house for the people living there and for the people that visit a regular basis. 

Starting today I am applying a heavy comment moderation to my YouTube channel since you can see that I hit extremes, no moderation at all to a one-hitter quitter, you’re out of here. The first comment that annoys me will hide you from the entire channel.

Now, if you disagree with what I’ve done, if you value the ability to comment on my channel I trust you go to jerrybanfield.com/contact where you can message me or email me and apologize or grovel or complain more, whatever, but you can do it in private where it’s not out on the the video and if you’ve got criticism or some constructive criticism I welcome it on my channel when it’s shared in the spirit of love and tolerance. 

What I do not welcome are generic comments like “Oh, bro, you can’t get a thousand views of yourself in a video, how are you gonna tell somebody else how to get views”. This is an instant hide from the channel, you can’t comment on any more of the videos. I put out videos of some girls dancing and somebody said she has an ugly face, instantly hiding from the entire channel. This is for me to help you, if you’re having a bad experience on my channel please go unsubscribe and stop watching my videos, don’t click my ads anymore. 

I realize I’ve been paying attention and giving energy to people that don’t seem to be having a good experience on my channel and therefore, I’m going to help you help yourself and set some boundaries on the comments. The comments will be kind, loving, courteous and constructive and if the comments don’t fall into that under my sole discretion I will go through and hide you.

When to Start Comment Moderation on YouTube?

If the comment is kind of borderline I might just remove it, if it annoys me in the slightest I’ll hide you from the entire channel and then you can’t comment.

This makes the comments a safe place for people to go in and ask questions and share. When people see that there’s a bunch of trolling and negative discussion in the comments, it seems to me people are asking fewer questions. In my earlier videos where there was hardly any trolling because people just weren’t watching them as much, there was lots of positive discussion and comments and the more that the channel has grown the more I’ve allowed trolling to take over in comments where new videos sometimes would be almost all trolling.

I’m grateful today I have the insight and the courage to take this step. I’ve wondered if it is loving and tolerant to hide someone from an entire channel for first offense. Well, yes, I can certainly rationalize it, I can say if someone is sharing that it’s always appropriate to set some boundaries. YouTube gives me the ability to do this and it’s up to me to execute it. 

The good news is, for me, this makes my comments a lot easier to read and manage. When I just went through and hid about 20 users, maybe 30 or 40 or 50. I went through and hit a bunch of the comments I’m not interested in seeing any more and what I can see now is that even with running ads, the comments are very manageable for me to go through.

When to Start Comment Moderation on YouTube?

I’ve also been hiding or removing spam comments, if you put anything like a spam comment from now on that’s an instant hide as well.

YouTube moderation is allowing me to go through and manage my comments very quickly as well. What happened before with allowing any comments on my channel, the comments would snowball so much, especially with all the trolling one, I couldn’t even read all the good comments because there are just too many. This makes it so I can go through, if I look for just the positive comments on my channel I can go through that the last day’s comments, I can go through those in five or ten minutes.

I encourage you to share my channel within these boundaries and if for some reason you lose your ability to comment you are welcome to contact me and request it back.

I love you, you’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I hope this is helpful for you, whether you’ve got your own channel or rather you are going through something similar, wondering whether you should turn on YouTube moderation, etc.

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I love you, you are awesome and I’ll see you in the comments.

Jerry Banfield