How to Make a YouTube Viral Video?

Do you want to see how to make a YouTube viral video in a very hot and trending topic from start to finish? This blog post will show you how I got my “Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies” viral on YouTube following a simple process that you can use for your own YouTube videos.

How to Make a YouTube Viral Video?

I will show you my results a day after launching this viral video and one year later so you can see the long term effects of my strategy, which brought more than a million view on my most successful viral video on YouTube.

YouTube viral video creation fast tutorial and overview

Each time I launched a new YouTube viral video it did better and better. So you have to be patient, follow my tutorial and you will get there. Practice makes perfect!

Let’s get started now with my new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies.

YouTube viral video creation

I’m putting my video up, which is about an hour long. I have gone through and have done everything on it to give you a little bit of background of what I mean.

Here are two examples on when I did this before. I mainly just did it to test out and see if I could do it.

The first one is Wolfenstein The New Order Gameplay XBOX One. I got it right up there in YouTube search in second position for this very competitive term, and it has the lowest amount of views compared to the other YouTube viral videos in the top 5. This video is up against heavy hitters.

YouTube viral video creation

The second one isDestiny XBOX One and I managed to get it in top position in YouTube search for this term: Destiny xbox one gameplay review.

YouTube viral video creation

My YouTube video went viral, it got a bunch of free views right away, and I got thousands of views in total.

You can use this same things I’m showing you in this blog post to do this on any video game, trending topic or niche you want to get into on YouTube. If you are trying to do something timely, this is exactly perfect for it, but this will work even better if you have evergreen content.

Here is what I did.

I first filmed the YouTube viral video and I’m uploading it now.

YouTube viral video creation

You want to do that as well ahead of time as you can plan if you are doing something that may require repeat filming like a video game. I filmed all of my different shots individually so I made each game individually with no commentary.

Then I recorded the commentary with my iRig HD microphone while I watched the recording in Camtasia Studio.

YouTube viral video creation

Then I dropped the audio in right on the timeline, saved it together with the video, and then uploaded it to YouTube.

I uploaded it to YouTube with all the keywords that I’m planning to put in the title including spelling “gameplay” properly. I put that as the file name which helps maximize SEO. I then went through and wrote a hell of a description, and tried to both write it useful and keyword stuffed with everything related to this YouTube viral video, answering very specific questions in the video, so that the description is useful all by itself.

YouTube viral video creation

It has got a lot of niche keywords in it: if people search for who are the actors in the new Zombie DLC map, I have got that, if they search for very specific terms, my Youtube viral video has that. So YouTube is likely to pull it up more often.

What I can do that I haven’t done yet is to actually include all of my links at the bottom of it. I can go to another window, go over to my existing home channel video and then copy the links that I have already done in another video.

YouTube viral video creation

I have already got some good links I can just grab and paste at the bottom down here because the YouTube viral video should have good links in on it.

YouTube viral video creation

I then took out a couple of irrelevant links and the “subscribe to my YouTube channel” is in down here too. I have got good links in at the bottom with several to my website and to my channel with a Subscribe button.

After doing all that, then I have shared it on social media when it went live. I have also got a custom thumbnail down here for it too, so that it will have a thumbnail that sticks out and is very noticeable.

YouTube viral video creation

Just a couple of words on it “Exo Zombies” with one of the actual characters from it.

I went kitchen sink on the tags, I dumped all of the exact specific tags and I put in the relevant games, the relevant video game systems and related things. Especially if you can throw a little short tag in sometimes, we search for WR instead of World Record and that’s very helpful.

YouTube viral video creation

I have uploaded the YouTube viral video and I have got it all up here. Then, I’m creating ads for it and launching it live.

YouTube viral video launch day 2 reviewing the ad campaign and initial views

Here is a review of the initial results of what I have done after showing you how I set up this YouTube viral video in the last section. After one day, the video has got 35,000 views mostly from ads, but thousands of organic views already. I have twenty-two likes on it and zero dislikes.

YouTube viral video launch day 2

I’m very grateful because that’s really good stats for a video getting started. I also have comments on it sharing that it is one of the only good YouTube viral videos on the topic. That’s awesome, I’m grateful that the fans have received it that way. I have been ambitious and I have been taking a bit of a risk to put this video out there. I will get high enough now to rank organically and it probably hasn’t had much time to get organic traffic because the ads just went up in the middle of the night.

So if you see, I have spent $579 advertising this YouTube viral video already and I turned the budget down to $50 a day from $250 a day.

YouTube viral video launch day 2

YouTube ads put 33,000 of those views on it and dumped a ton of minutes watched into it. 13% of viewers watched all 50 minutes of the YouTube viral video. So, you know I have got an average watch time of probably close to 10 minutes on the video, which is really good. That’s how it will really rank high. The viral video has got around 2,000 organic views already and considering the ads didn’t get up there probably until the middle of the night, the real opportunity to see how it performs starts today.

I know this is scary, you might think, “Oh my God! I wouldn’t spend that,” but I can tell you that if you want to get yourself out there, it involves taking risks sometimes. If you are trying to get to be a big journalist or you are just trying to get some recognition, or you want to get paid to play video games, you have got to put yourself out there.

If you are trying to get your brand noticed and if there is a timely opportunity you have got to go for it. Sometimes that might mean spending $500 on YouTube ads to push your viral video up high enough in the search results to give you a chance.

What I have done is to get my YouTube viral video in the door. It gets it in with all of the biggest channels in the world on the topic it is up on. Now, it is as if I have got my video in the ring. I can see how it will stand up and I did the same thing for lots of my other YouTube viral videos.

YouTube viral video launch day 2

I learn and keep going. So this is an iterative process where I have spent more each time. On the other viral videos I spent maybe $300 or $400 and then on the first one I spent a couple of hundred. I consistently scale it up a little bit as I learned to make better videos based on feedback and the learning is very valuable in this.

You might think, well that’s crazy, you only spent $200 so far on your “Facebook ads” video and the thing with this is that I’m continually spending money on this viral video. I’m going to leave that ad for a lot longer whereas the zombies video is mostly done. I’d probably turn the ad off tomorrow or the day after. I have spent most of the money upfront to get it ranked high.

Doing this kind of things are giving me the best chance to continue to grow and build an exceptional YouTube channel and there is alway risk involved in the things you do.

A guy I worked with named Jordan, started his business by buying several thousand dollars of websites on Flippa. He had a very successful business running Adsense websites and now he is changing to a different business model. That’s the thing, if you want to be big on YouTube, you have got to start out with ads today because there are too many other channels that are already big that would block you out for ever being seen, especially in the video gaming world.

So I hope this has been inspirational and useful for you. I like to show that I lead by example in everything. I would not ever tell you to do something, I wouldn’t do myself. What I’m sharing with you here is what I’m doing that’s working and how that’s progressing.

I hope this is helpful for you in seeing what your best chances to get a viral video in the YouTube organic search rankings are.

Results of this YouTube viral video a year later. This made my next viral video happen!

I showed you how I launched this YouTube viral video and my results on day two. Now, I am showing you my results after over a year later since I released this video and first talked about it.

These are the results I got from this viral video.

Results of this YouTube viral video a year later.

Seventy-one thousand views in total.

I go over to the subscribers section and you can see that I have got 74 subscribers in total, 69 net with 5 who unsubscribed and left.

Results of this YouTube viral video a year later.

If I go on the traffic sources for this video, by views, you can see that most of the views came in initially from this ad; however, I have got a lot of organic views down there.

Results of this YouTube viral video a year later.

I have 38,365 views from Ads and 27,632 views from YouTube search out of 71,942 in total. 33,577 views came for free and these free views are very valuable.

Now, you might say, “Well that’s not that great, you spent some money on ads, and then you get this amount of views on it.” Or you might say, “Wow! I never had a YouTube viral video with that many views.”

I don’t know what you might say about it, what I do know is that this same YouTube viral video launch process, this exact same process I used for this video, taught me how to make my next video.

Let me show you, I did this again on a different subject and the results are absolutely unbelievable.

This is a Complete Hacking course, beginner to advanced, and you notice that I did it just a few months after the zombies video, repeated the same process successfully to a video on the right subject that people really need.

Results of this YouTube viral video a year later.

I have 1.4 million views on this video.

I ran a lot of ads in the beginning, but still today I get tons of organic traffic on this video.

Results of this YouTube viral video a year later.

I show you the stats in detail now.

YouTube advertising has 233,658 views only for a total of 1,430,243 views.

Results of this YouTube viral video a year later.

Suggested videos and YouTube search are bringing up the most views.

They are coming from everywhere, from Direct or Unknown and from External, which is often Google search.

That’s a total of 1,196,585 organic views which are free.

What you do on YouTube is continually learn to apply the strategies and the system I give you, then when you do it with the right video, the results will be amazing.

The gaming video I put up was a good gaming video, but the difference with this “Hacking” video is that it gives a ton of helpful information, this is an educational 5-hour video that I did the same strategies on.

If you do this on the right subject, you can get incredible results. I have also made thousands of sales on Udemy and I have also given two other co-instructors the chance to teach full time on Udemy from using this YouTube viral video to sell the course.

The key in doing all of this is doing it on the right video and the only way to know if you have the right video is just to do this repeatedly across your videos that you think might be the right videos. At some point, you land on one that definitely is the right video, one that has a lot of traffic, one that you have done a really good job on.

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I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I invite you to learn more about YouTube with me in my book:

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