Youtuber Best Practices Reviewed for Maximizing Youtube Channel Growth in 2019 and Beyond

What are the top tips for 2019 to maximize organic reach on Youtube and to use the newest features effectively on Youtube?

First, Youtube has this community function on your channel where you can put a video up, a pole or an image. I highly recommend using this because Youtube is trying to promote this as a tool and gives you a chance to share links to your channel. It gives you a chance to reshare one of your old videos to your channel and put up images and directly interact with your channel. Thus, I highly recommend using this community tab on your channel and making regular posts as I do. For example, I just had a job opening, threw that up on there, got a few applications from it. I’ve used it before when in videos, I didn’t get a very good reach initially to put it up there and it’s like they go out all over again. Now you want to use this sparingly. No need to put like 10 of these out a day, but if you’ve got something you really want to communicate to your channel as the way to go.

If your channel’ss at the bottom or you’re not happy with your community, I’ll tell you the main thing to do on Youtube, it’s so easy. You can pay like $6,000 for a course to tell you this or you can listen to it right here. What’s the main thing to do on Youtube? “How to videos”. This is what people are looking for on Youtube. The main time I use Youtube is when I want to know something. I searched for how to do this, how to do that, and what you do is consistently put up videos, teaching how to do something. Then in those videos, you have links to your website.

You have links to subscribe to your channel, to watch playlists, to watch other videos on your channel that are related to it. You have a detailed description that goes into the video and then you have the chance to build an entire business on Youtube. If you want success on Youtube and you want to focus on getting the highest quality then start making how to and teaching educational videos repeatedly. Especially long format tutorials on in-demand subjects are very successful. This is what’s working best on my channel. These are long format tutorials on underserved subjects where I’ve paid people to produce these. I’ve put it all together and put a whole business system around it. Out of the videos I do, the ones that work best for me are teaching and tutorial videos. I’ll show you the reach. Youtube search and browse features are the two places you have the biggest chance to get people to find you.

Youtube search and browse features. Think about what kind of videos people will find in Google search and once your videos have been found in Google search, then people have the chance to see you in browse features and if you make a video that does well in searches, it has a good chance to go in browse features as well. So, if we go over here and look through some of my data in the picture above, you’ll see something in common. The impressions in the last 28 days. Almost all of my top videos are tutorial videos and tutorial videos are really good because tutorial videos get results organically indefinitely. If you just do vlog style videos often if someone doesn’t watch them right away, you won’t get any views and at what you really need to do is make tutorial videos. Then people will care about your vlog. If you just try and make a Vlog, it goes almost nowhere.

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What I can see looking through my channels, almost all of my top videos are tutorials showing how to do things and also stories and very specific tutorials. It can be something like, how to stop fantasizing. That’s a very specific thing people search for, especially if you search on Youtube and don’t find any video on that subject. That is a great opportunity in the way you diagnose these is, to figure out what things you are struggling with and learning how to do yourself then teach those and just do this over and over and over again. I’ve been doing this now for years on Youtube and I can say my channel went nowhere as long as all I did was upload vlog style videos. Once I started uploading how-to videos, my channel has taken off and I’ve continued to do them more and more.

What you’ll notice on videos of my videos often don’t get thousands of views within the first 24 hours. What they do is tend to get more and more views over time and then some videos do really well. This video published about 10 days ago as a thousand on it as you can see in the picture above. This other video is just an income report. Now, these kinds of things people are interested in after you’ve already got them as a subscriber on a how-to video. The success I’ve had on my channel is by making videos about subjects I can teach and then doing that repeatedly.

One tool that will really help you to do this is, Tube Buddy.

I can’t believe how long it took me before I started using Tube Buddy. Tube Buddy has all kinds of very helpful tools that are just very difficult to do otherwise that will help you take things to the next level. It has card templates, end screen templates, you have default upload profiles. You can use Tube Buddy to find the very best title for your video to see if there are already videos on a subject and to see what tags people are using. Some of the best features in Tube Buddy whhich I found are the abilities to do things like bulk card updates. What you can do on your videos is put a little pop-up card at the beginning of it. These work really well. You put a little card that pops up and you can send people to your website. You can send people to your another video or a playlist and with Tube Buddy, you can bulk update all your videos.

So, if you’ve got a huge channel as I do with over 2000 videos is not practical to go one video at a time and try and put a card in. Thankfully Tube Buddy allows me to, for example, I just released a new video on my channel where you can sponsor a video on my channel. Now what I’m going to do is a bulk card update where I put this one video, it’ll pop up about a minute or so into the video and it’ll suggest watching this video. Then on all of the views on my entire channel, this video will pop up and give people a chance to learn how to sponsor video on my channel and that one little card might bring in thousands of dollars a month in sales. These cards are really powerful and screens can be really helpful as well to show people what video to watch next.

Monetization, you don’t need to worry too much about rather each individual videos monetize. What you need to do is, detect patterns. Detect patterns of demonetization, and then try and avoid, if you can spot whatever it is you’re doing that’s getting videos demonetize. For example, the hacking tutorials have to be written in an exact certain way in the description and if you talk about specific software or have specific words in a specific way, then the video gets limited or no ads.

However, ad revenue on my channel is very small compared to the course sales like coaching and consulting. My business income is generally 5 to 10 plus times as much resulting from Youtube’s ad revenue. So use things like cards to maximize your reach. And finally on Youtube, if you think you’ve got to have a big channel, you don’t.

I’ve seen so many channels that don’t have even a lot of videos, but they are very specific on “how to videos” which are exactly on their topic and exactly on their niche. And when you do that, you can easily make thousands of dollars a month from people searching, especially if it’s a high-value topic. You don’t need a big audience. You need videos that help people fix problems and that help people solve challenges in their lives and then you need a specific way for them to contact you in the video. You can even put an email address directly in the video. You can put a website, you can put links in the description. Now what you need to have for best results is, an easy way for people to contact you if you want to make the most out of every single view. I hope these tips are helpful for you to maximize your reach on Youtube and to be the best you can be at being a Youtuber in 2019 and beyond.

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