Zapier vs IFTTT 2020 — Best Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs Online?

Would you like to learn about Zapier vs IFTTT because this will show you which of these automation tools is best for your own business online?

Zapier vs IFTTT 2020 — Best Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs Online?

Let’s compare Zapier versus If This Then That for 2020 and beyond. Zapier and If This Then That or IFTTT, these both allow you to automate key functions of your business and your life online as an entrepreneur.

Zapier vs IFTTT 2020 — Best Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs Online?

Both of these can do powerful things to save you a lot of time and energy, like sharing your posts automatically to social media, send emails and a lot more.

The question is, which one is right for you?

Let’s compare the two of these to help you decide which one’s right for you.

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If This Then That is available almost totally for free while Zapier has a free plan. If This Then That, you can do a lot more with it totally for free.

That said, IFTTT is much simpler than Zapier. You will find a lot more limited options. You will find a lot fewer choices of what you can do and integrate.

Zapier vs IFTTT 2020 — Best Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs Online?

Still, if you just want to do something simple like send an email or go share something on Facebook pages this is easy to use.

If we click on Facebook Pages, we can see what you can do. If you want to automatically share your new videos to a Facebook page, post, or an RSS feed, there are all these applications that you can use very quickly and easily on IFTTT.

Zapier vs IFTTT 2020 — Best Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs Online?

It’s much easier to get started using IFTTT because of the simplicity.

If you want more than doing one really simple thing, you’ll find the over 2,000 apps that are available on Zapier will help you to make the very best automations for your business online.

I use Zapier for almost everything and the only time I use IFTTT is if there’s something I can’t do on Zapier.

Zapier vs IFTTT 2020 — Best Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs Online?

There are still some applications that don’t have the exact tasks that I want to do directly on Zapier.

However, Zapier generally has way more possibilities and you can customize them a lot more.

If you look around, let’s say I search for WooCommerce on IFTTT, then they don’t even have a WooCommerce app that will help me do what I want to.

That means when someone buys on my website, they don’t even give me the possibility of starting an email sequence, triggering notifications, adding to an email list, and that’s the big limitation when using If This Then That.

On Zapier, the big limitation is the learning curve and how much it costs. While Zapier is totally for free to get started, you will very quickly end up needing to upgrade and start spending money.

I think the money is very well spent on Zapier, which is why I pay $49 a month to have thousands of different tasks that can be successfully automated with up to 50 different automation workflows.

I don’t actually use anything now on If This Then That because I find I have everything I need on Zapier.

The ideal formula is to take a look at exactly what you need and what you’d like and see if it’s available on If This Then That because it’s very easy to sign up and get started automating and you’ll never need to pay any money in 99% of cases.

For the long term, I would suggest Zapier which offers a better long-term solution. If you want to have a business that saves you a lot of time and energy with doing key tasks and follow-up emails, get notifications, then you’ll want to put the time, energy and money into learning and using Zapier.

Zapier vs IFTTT 2020 — Best Automation Tools for Entrepreneurs Online?

You might not want to even bother with using IFTTT because it could potentially just be a distraction for you. That said, both of these are extremely valuable services you can use to automate different parts of your life and there’s a place for using both of them depending on exactly who you are and what you’re doing online.

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