SOLVED! Zapier WordPress Connection 403 Error with Kinsta

I was trying to connect my WordPress account with my website here to Zapier and I was getting this error

“The app returned “Forbidden” with no further details. It looks like your connected account doesn’t have permission to complete this step. You should contact the administrator for your account and make sure you have the needed permissions. We made a request to and received (403) Forbidden.”

As a Kinsta customer for my web hosting, I contacted their support on a Sunday after reading and not finding a solution. Within 5 minutes, they fixed the error saying

“Great, if you face the same with other installs that you are trying to connect to Zapier contact us, I have allowed their IP list to make xml rpc requests to the site. πŸ™‚Β “

“The thing is that those IP needs to be added to the NGINX configuration so it needs to be dine from our side but it takes a just a few moments so we will be happy to add them anytime if needed.Β “

Now I can finally automatically use Zapier to publish my new blog posts out to my Facebook page, Twitter profile, Pinterest, Medium, and anywhere else connected with Zapier which saves me a lot of effort using other solutions! I am grateful Kinsta helped me fix this so quickly because I spent a crazy amount of time trying to work around this myself over the years by just assuming my Zapier would not work with WordPress!

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Jerry Banfield