The Art of Asking for Money

You are about to learn a really valuable skill – how to ask for money and therefore how to be asked for money and respond by saying yes or no.

The information you’re about to get it so powerful and has the ability to open up waves of money coming into your life and open up generosity and kindness in connection with others in giving that back.

I’m Jerry Banfield and I’m grateful. I have been through an amazing transformation, powerful learning experiences when it comes to asking for money and I’ll teach you how to do that right now. If your new and you don’t know who I am, I am Jerry Banfiel, I’m a full-time YouTuber and founder of I’ve made more than a million dollars online and that’s because I’ve asked a whole lot of people for a whole lot of money. I’ll lead by example on this right now and then we’ll talk about it in some more details. 

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The Art of Asking for Money
Jerry Banfield Partner Program

There you go see I just did it right there, I just literally asked you from a minimum amount of almost $200 to a maximum of $6,000. That wasn’t hard was it?

That’s the key to it, it’s not hard to ask for money and it’s not a big deal if I get told no when you ask for money. What I see as very powerful is making an honest ask for money. What I did there, I feel, is very honest. I’ve told you exactly how much it costs, I’ve shown you exactly the core benefits you get out of it – weekly group coaching calls, one-on-one calls with me of month and private Facebook group for members. That’s pretty straightforward and I’m grateful that a lot of people are in it, we have 30 people in the partner program right now and maybe a hundred came and went in the last 2 years.

My ability and willingness to ask for money is why people have given me over $1,000,000 online and guess what – I’ve given out about a million dollars online as well. Let’s take a look at some of what I just did there in asking for money. First if you want to ask for money you need to get into all your beliefs about money. I, prior to doing this, deep by reading books like You’re Badass at Making Money, Tony Robbins’ Money Master The Game and a lot of other books in business, self-help, entrepreneurship, psychology, etc. I got into my beliefs about money. 

At one point I believed the money was the root of all evil. That made it really hard for me to ask because I couldn’t stomach asking for the root of all evil: Will you please give me the root of all evil.

If you believe money is the root of all evil it becomes harder and it’s hard for you to deal with it when people ask you for money: Eww, you are asking me for the root of all evil, ugh!

The Art of Asking for Money

I love money, I think money is awesome, I love having money in my wallet, I try and keep right now $40 in my wallet which means it is time to put some more in there. I love having money, I love money as it has a lot of cool properties to it to allow us to do things, like me to make videos in my backyard and then somehow go go and buy food at the grocery store and that add up. That’s awesome. 

Money is like a fun little game we are playing. At the same time, I do have some negative beliefs about money. Money is really unnecessary, can’t we just help each other without the need to keep score in terms of money? I have some beliefs that money empowers a lot of evil because it empowers people to do things that, if you just networked and helped each other person-to-person, people wouldn’t be able to do. Money allows things like starvation because people don’t understand when you spend money at one place or another place it is often not the same. All of uh have some ups and downs, positive and negative beliefs about money. The thing is, what do we take action on, what do we keep in our minds about money. What things do we say about money? Do we believe people that have money are somehow nasty and scummy and don’t deserve love? Because if so it makes it really hard to ask for money.

I’m asking for 2 million dollars right now to fund Uthena because I believe Uthena has the opportunity to be the most valuable company in the world by making one simple place we can go collectively to both make money and spend money online. There’s nothing like that exist.

Right now a lot of people don’t like putting things out about money. For example, you’ll find a lot of sales process online that won’t even put how much money things cast. Lots of people are turned off by money, lots of people are ashamed to even talk about money. 

I found it helps me to ask for money when I talk about my own financial situation and be very clear and specific. I think it’s cute and silly how many adults my age are very uncomfortable or hesitant to bring up money, how I don’t know how much money my closest, or most of my closest friends and family make and yet I do an income report online, I have a playlist of income reports and I show exactly how much money I make every month. It is a lot easier to ask for money when you’re willing to talk about your own financial situation because then you can see whether you need the money and why you need the money. For example, I have spent about $90,000 more this year than I’ve earned as I’ve been building up into a functioning website that has the minimum viable product for what I’m looking for with Investments. 

It’s reasonable for me to ask for 2 million in investments after I’ve put over $100,000 into Uthena and demonstrating it works and I can show exactly what the money is to be spent on. 

The Art of Asking for Money

When you’ve got a clear plan of what you’re going to spend the money on and why that’s going to be a good thing it makes it a lot easier to ask for money. When I asked you how will you join my partner program and pay me money I feel really good about asking you this because I feel really good about how I’m spending the money and I feel really good about the value you’re getting in return. If I did not feel good about what I was delivering, if I did not feel good about what I was spending the money on it would make it hard to ask you for money. You can tell in that scenario when you are on the other side of it.

I was in recently on a sales call and it was very uncomfortable for the person trying to sell me on a $6,000 hour course because I couldn’t see the course at all from the outside, it felt mysterious, it felt weird and uncomfortable and I did not buy it because that’s not how I spend money, I don’t spend money in know that kind of scenario. That to me is a “I feel bad” scenario for spending money or there’s a sales pitch and there’s pressure and there’s not a clear transparency before hand. If I could have seen that it costs $6,000 beforehand then I wouldn’t need to schedule a call to go try and get pressured into making a purchase. If you are trying to force people to give you money this is often the result of not feeling good about just opening up and being vulnerable and saying: Look, I have an idea I’m really excited about and I need help in order to make this a reality. Will you please give me some money and I will do my best to give you whatever it is in return. In the case of my partner program is to help you make more money. You gave me money I help you make much more money than you gave me. I have partners that I’ve helped earn $15,000 directly from me paying for work. I’ve other partners that I’ve helped earn hundreds of thousands of dollars more by coaching them and building their business alongside of them and helping whenever I can directly. 

When we feel good it’s easier to ask for money and the beauty of when we are good at asking for money is it becomes easier to get asked for money. I used to hate getting asked for money. I had a story of my head: I work so hard for money, how dare you person on the street I don’t know just walk up to me and asks for money when I work so hard for this, it’s mine. Guess what when I was in that state of mind I never made more than $40,000 a year and now I’ve had years when I made over a quarter million dollars in profit. Now when someone on the street walks up and asked me money I show I’m grateful for all the money I made by giving them money:.Hey, Jerry, I don’t have any money, can you give me $20 so I can get something to eat? Sure, here’s $20, go get something to eat.

The Art of Asking for Money

I feel good about being asked for money today. I’m grateful when my friends send me a gofundme page and say: Jerry, this happened to my friend, will you help? Sure, I generally give $100 because that’s what I feel great about giving. I feel great today when I’m in a situation where money is expected like a tip. It’s an opportunity to show what an amazing person I am: Bam, here is a tip, much more than most people do. This allows me to then ask back for money and go to the bank and say: Hey, business loan manager, would you give me $25,000 to pay off credit card on the hope that I will pay that back over a period of five years. Guess what, I got turned down from a bunch of banks for loans and then after that a bank give me not one but two loans in a row and paid off my credit cards with a 5-year installment loan and a much lower interest rate than anyone else is offering.

I’ve been able to borrow over $400,000 this year because I’m so willingly keep asking for money. Lots of times if you want to build up a successful business you need to be able to borrow money first because, as they say it, it’s easier to… you have to make money to spend money. If you don’t have any money and you can’t spend any money to help other people make money and then to have that make it back for you.

I see that today if I want to have an amazing business it often means I need to ask for help, asking you to buy something from me, asking you to invest something with me, asking you to refer somebody to my business. 

I see that the reason I’ve made over $1,000,000 because I’ve been willing to ask millions of people online to give me money and wow what a nice world that is where millions of people have given me money in one way or another, whether it’s watching an ad on my YouTube channel, whether to buy one of my video courses or joining my partner program. I imagine that one or few investors are about to give me two million dollars to fund Uthena. Giving that guy $20 on the street and seeing how good I feel, I know today that when an investor signs that check to Jerry Banfield for 2 million dollars. When an investor signs that checked they will feel great, that they will feel that they have a good chance of getting 10 million or 20 million out of fiving 2 million and not only that but maybe building something that makes a big difference in the world. When you feel good about why you’re asking for money it gets to be pretty easy. 

The Art of Asking for Money

The downside for a lot of us is that we have a history of asking for money for things we didn’t feel good about. For example, I am an ex alcoholic that goes to Alcoholics Anonymous everyday. I had no problem asking for money before in whatever context to make sure I could buy alcohol before. Credit card? Sure I will get another credit card so I can go buy some more alcohol. Parents gifts, I’m struggling in school, can you give me money? Ok, that will find some more beer money and gambling for me.

I didn’t feel good about getting money in those scenarios and often I had to dress things up indirectly in order to try and scheme and get money in a way that I didn’t feel good about.

The times where I’ve been the least willing to talk about my money and to look at my life and why I’ve been not feeling good about money, those are the times I’ve been the least well off.

Even today, despite having a lot of debt I still love money, I feel good about money and I have this almost irrational belief that there is enough money for everybody. There is enough money from me to live the life of my dreams, there is enough money for you to live the life of your dreams and there’s enough money for all of us to live the lives are dreams and how do I know? 

Because money is something that were literally printing everyday. Money is just an idea, it’s an energy like electricity. The idea of not having enough money is ridiculous, money is created by human beings. If there’s not enough money let’s create more. Let’s share it with people. 

The reason we have people that are poor today is because some people can never get enough money and do their best to try and take it from everybody. Today I see that as long as I’m willing ask for money I’m never be broke because no matter what happens to me there will be some generous person all the time who will give me enough money whether it’s to go buy food or have a house or to have so much money that I’m able to give back to others.

One reason today I have that is because anytime I’ve made a lot of money I immediately I’m trying to give back as much as possible. I feel great today knowing that there’s a lot of people who have businesses online and have been able to feed their family and advance their careers off the money I’ve paid them. I’ve paid contractors hundreds of thousands of dollars online. I paid money through ads that has helped a lot of creators on things like YouTube videos to earn money on their YouTube videos. I feel very good about that and now I feel good about asking you for money one more time because there’s nothing like leading by example. 

If I’m going to show you how to do something I need to do it well myself. This will take us to our final point were going to make. One more time, I have a partner program that if your full-time online entrepreneur is extremely helpful for growing, reaching the next level, getting inspired and if you’d like to talk directly with me to work out anything I trust you will go to and pick up one of these price points that you will give me money because you will feel great about this the same way I feel great about dropping several hundred dollars on a video course last night to get information out of it that I’m about to give away for free on my YouTube channel. I feel great about that and you’ll feel great about helping me to have a business and be here to show up with you online, to be a full-time YouTuber.

All of these price points for my partner program give you an opportunity to feel great. Will you please pick an option on my partner program and then start enjoying the rewards of it because you will love having the one-on-calls with me, the weekly group calls and the private Facebook group. 

As you can see, I just asked for money again. I generally do it in a “will you please because” as that format is proven to address the mind directly, kindly and to give a reason. A lot of us want a reason. If you’re going to ask me for money I want to know why? When we say because it addresses the reason we are asking for something. When I tell you: Because you’re going to feel great and be empowered, you’ll love talking to me, you’re being inspired and you will find more ways to build your business and make more money as a result of helping me out.

When I put that reason and then your rationalize: Oh, ok, that’s understandable.

I read a psychology book that showed that any reason, even an irrational or nonsensical one, was more effective at getting people to do what was asked then not having a reason. I like also saying: Will you please. Because in my mind that asks as an equal. When you’re asking for money it is asking an equal. I’m not better or worse than you because of whatever financial difference there may be between us. If compared to you I’m really wealthy and you’re broke, I’m not better than you and I’m not worse off than you.

I found out two years ago I had half a million dollars in cryptocurrency in a wallet and ironically my fear of not having enough money morphed into fear of losing the money I had. Almost all of us deal with the same kinds of fears and problems regardless of how much money we have. In fact some of the most miserable people in the world are the ones that have the most money.

The final point to make with this is as follows: be willing to get told no over and over and over and over and over again and do not take it personal. If you’ve decided, Jerry, I’m not giving you any of that money for your partner program, that’s ok. I still love you, I’ll still keep making 3 videos a day for you and that’s cool. When you see that then it’s ok to get rejected from people and to not ruin a relationship. A lot of us are afraid to ruin our relationship’s over money and we won’t ask. The people most empowered to give us money we often do not ask.

There are so many people who are homeless, who choose to be homeless rather than ask for money from family and friends.

Thus I end with this: when we all courageously vulnerable and asked what we want, starting with me leading by example, then that’s the kind of world I’m excited to live in, where I feel truly financially secure, when I know I’m free to ask anyone anywhere for money and that people will give me the money I need always no matter what – there’s nothing to fear. All financial insecurity disappears and that’s the ultimate goal of mastering the art of asking for money is disappearing of that financial uncertainty.

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I love you, you are awesome and I will see you in the partner program.

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