Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success

Why does expert advice fail us? What can we do instead to ensure we get successful results?

If you’ve watched videos and classes, you’ve tried to apply things for yourself and you end up being frustrated like they said this would work, why does it not work for me?

You will want to read this entire post or listen to this entire episode on my podcast, because what I’m about to share with you I’ve never seen mentioned before. This is one of the secrets that makes a big difference in the results you get and the expectations you have.

If you struggle with self-confidence, this will help you out massively, to be a little nicer to yourself, to relax and just enjoy what you’re doing.

Let’s look at an example of this. I’m not going to show anybody’s particular videos on this, because I am not looking to use anyone’s example. It’s not about one specific person. It’s about the entire mindset.

For example, let’s say you watch a video tutorial on How to get YouTube views, and you’re looking at that video and then you follow this expert’s advice. —Okay, I work on my thumbnail, I’m an engaging personality, I’ve got something to say, I do great editing, I write a great description, I research my title, and I put their smart tags in it. I picked the best time of day to upload, and then you do all that stuff.

And what happens?

You don’t get any views, do you?

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success

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You’ve put all this time and energy into doing this expert advice that says from a person who’s proven on their channel that it’s working, and if you fail on it then you will look at it and say —Well, they’re getting tons of views doing this.

So what do you assume? —Well, it must be me. I didn’t do anything right. Let me try and do this again.

And you do it again and again and again.

Actually the expert advice eventually encourages you often to give up, you think —Well, I’m doing what they’re saying I should be doing, why am I failing and not getting the results?

It’s because there’s often a piece of the puzzle that’s missing

You don’t have it in cooking terms, the whole recipe. You’ve watched this video, for example, on How to get YouTube views, but there were a couple of little things left out and when you execute everything, but those couple little things that don’t work.

Think of it as cooking, if you’re following a recipe that calls for eggs, butter, baking in the oven, flour and several other ingredients, then someone crosses out the eggs and crosses out the baking in the oven and gives you the recipe. And you try and follow it.

All you get is the messy nasty thing about flour and you don’t get the beautiful cake. Think about that.

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success

If you take a couple of ingredients out of the recipe, it no longer works. In fact, it just serves to frustrate you, especially when someone else says —Look, I baked a cake using this recipe and you go to do it and you get a messy pile of flour.

You think —I must have done this wrong

No, you didn’t. That’s what really happens when you don’t get a complete recipe.

Here are examples of what is commonly left out of the recipe

Number one, how much money someone is spending or has spent on advertising and marketing related to whatever it is they’re doing. For example, if it’s a video about how to get YouTube views, almost always any advertising or marketing expenses will be left out.

Maybe not on that video itself, the person might not have spent any money on that video itself. But advertising expenses beforehand may be left out.

—Well, it’s not relevant that I’ve spent a million dollars advertising or whatever. It is my YouTube channel, when I’m making a video about how to get YouTube views.

Yes, it is.

In fact, without that advertising, nobody would be watching the videos right now and you wouldn’t be teaching anybody about how to get views on YouTube in a way that people believe.

Here’s another thing that’s frequently left out: Coaching

People will often invest in very expensive coaching programs, and then go to work. I’m teaching you how to succeed and did not mention that they put $500,000 into coaching.

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success

You all get the recipe with the expert’s advice on how to do your thumbnail, at what time to release your video and how to post it on Instagram, but then the same thing keeps happening and you fail.

I saw a video that was a perfect example of this, “How I post on Instagram” The video has millions of views, looks very established in legit and it has good tips in it.

One part is left out of the recipe: how much money does that person spend on Instagram ads? You can do everything else and the rest will work. If you spend 10, 20, 30, $50,000 a month on ads, and you do everything else, then it’ll work.

But if you just follow the rest of it, well, you’re not going to get hardly any more likes on your photos than you got before. Once you know this, then you can essentially fill in the missing piece on the recipe.

Here’s another thing that’s frequently left out: Relationships

Relationships are essential for most of the other strategies to work. Rather is relationships with your followers or relationships with other people who can give you a boost. For example, on something like How I get YouTube views, you do all these things, and the relationships are just left out.

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success

Relationships mean that some influencer or youtuber share your video with their entire audience and gets a whole lot more views. Or just things like relationships that you’ve been doing internet marketing online for either 10 or 15 years, and when you release the video, the people that are already following you give you a whole bunch of initial views.

Like with me, there’s like 10,000 people or so that get notifications every time I post new stuff. And about anywhere from 1% to 5% of those notifications results in somebody checking whatever it is I’ve posted, giving me hundreds and sometimes thousands of views within a few hours of every single thing I post.

These views go out in many different formats, on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and on my website. Thus, if I say how to do something, and I don’t tell you that I’ve been doing online as my full-time job for seven years, I have a lot of relationships, I have very strong followers, I have a lot of people who just love what I create, and will email their friends about it.

If I don’t mention that when I’m telling you How to get YouTube viewsthat I’ve left out a key part of the recipe. Now it’s critical to think —Okay, well, why would this be left out?

A lot of videos that people are making for you, or blog posts or podcasts are designed to help you feel good, look logical and build the person’s following and credibility. What’s the limitation to that?

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success
The limitation is a lot of what’s designed for you is not actually designed to really help you succeed.

It’s designed to get more views, to make a lot of money and to look good. It’s not made lots of times with a true consideration for you. Because when you really love someone that you really open your heart to them, you tell them everything and you give them everything that’s most important.

Sometimes things are made in a hurry or it’s assumed that you should know this. And if you don’t know this, you don’t deserve to know this.

I assume people generally have good intentions. And yes, some people just may think,

—Well, it’s unnecessary for me to go mention in every single video that I’ve spent $5,000 a month on coaching, just no point mentioning that I’m every single video, is there?

I don’t need to tell you on every video, I’ve spent $500,000 on coaching, and that’s got me on a lot of people’s podcasts. That got me a lot of followers then, that’s got me a lot of clients and that’s helped me afford to spend about $50,000 a month on ads.

It’s not really necessary for me to tell you that in every single video I make, is it? You’ve got to look for those missing pieces. Now, lots of people are very honest and intend to help you as much as possible. It’s just in making little tips, videos, the key ingredients are left out. But if you watch a lot of their videos, you can put the key ingredients together.

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success

Another reason a lot of people leave these key ingredients out is that they leave you feeling like you can’t do it. And to me, this is one of the big motivations to leave things like this out because you watch some simple tips video, and it gives you “10 tricks to get more likes on Instagram” but it doesn’t mention that the person who did this spends $10,000 a month on ads or has some system setup or they like a bunch of other influencers, photos and they get likes back.

You don’t get that key ingredient. Why?

Now imagine if you watch someone’s video like that, and they lead with it. Here are 10 tricks to get more views on YouTube. First spend $20,000 a month on ads for four years. You’d be like, “What? Are you serious?” Well, I’ve spent over $300,000 on ads myself.

Yes, $300,000 on ads myself

If you were to be told these things upfront, you might simply not try it all. You’d see that, “Well, I’m never going to get half a million dollars from my daddy to build my business and therefore I’m never going to get the results that you’re getting, so there’s no point in trying.”

And as you can see, that’s a big motivation to leave stuff out and to just not tell you that part of it or to mention it in passing. What I noticed is people a lot of the time, they’ll mention little things like that, in passing: “I’ve spent $500,000 on coaching” and just glazed over that. Like what? you spent $500,000 on coaching? What? What did you get out of that?

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success

What did you get on a $500,000 in coaching, Oh, you got interviews on these five top podcasts because when you paid $30,000 for coaching with this person, they got to know you and decided out of the generosity of their heart or to repay the favor that they give you an interview on their podcast.

And when you get an interview on their podcast, guess what happens after that? Then you get their people following you, their people start to share with you and talk about you. If you hadn’t spent the $30,000 on coaching, you wouldn’t have been on that podcast, and you wouldn’t have built your following that way.

If you hadn’t done that 10 times, you would have a fraction of the people watching your videos right now. And that’s what you really need to know to get all those views and subscribers. You can see why that would be left out of a top 10 tip video to get more views and subscribers on YouTube.

Are you getting a good picture I’m putting together for you? Is this starting to make sense?

Because this is one of the pieces that I’ve put together for a while. That’s why I am able to do very well. And that’s why I struggle sometimes also, because I forget to make the whole recipe, it can be very easy to forget to make the entire recipe. You’re just in a hurry, you get in a hurry, and you leave things out.

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success
Another huge piece that’s often not mentioned is: The mindset

Because it feels so unnecessary. If you’re already in a place where you’re doing really well and being successful. You just take for granted the mindset of success, abundance and love. You take for granted the importance of having a supporting partner at home and family, friends and people that love you. You take that for granted.

All the books you read, all the education, knowledge and all the times you failed. You take so many things for granted that are critical in the mindset, but when you just communicate the 10 tips on, there’s no time to go in and talk about how you really want to succeed.

You need to constantly be learning, you need to have successful relationships, you need to be constantly serving others and you need a mindset that is just rock solid and love, support and service.

So even if things go well, you will end up squandering them. And this is a place I’ve got lost several times myself, lacking my own self confidence, which seems absurd and then going over the top the other way.

Do you see how this all adds up? why I’ve done this is so that when you watch these 10 tip videos, the next time you look at those missing pieces, what’s missing out of what I’m seeing right now

Another reason these pieces are often left out is that they will off-put people that are following you

One of the reasons that people have unfollowed me is because I put the whole recipe in, and then people get offended or don’t like it because well, if I want to build a following on YouTube, you mean I need to spend thousands of dollars on advertising? Do I need to get into some kind of mastermind group? Do I need to start reading books every day? I might want to work on my marriage? I might want to quit my job. What? No, that’s just too much.

Putting out the entire recipe lots of times is not suitable for mass appeal. A lot of times people who are just watching 10 tip videos are not ready to get the whole recipe.

Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success

They’re not ready to bake a whole cake yet. And if you tell someone how to bake a whole cake, like, let’s put it in cooking terms.

If you think it ought to be easy to just grab a few things in your kitchen and bake a cake and you go on there and get all psyched up and say yes, this person said I can just grab a couple of ingredients out of the kitchen and throw a beautiful cake together.

Then you come to my videos and I say you need to go to the store, you need to buy all these ingredients you’ve never bought before. You need to come home and ask your mom for help who’s baked a whole bunch of cakes throughout her life, you need to devote a bunch of time and energy to this and not try and bake the cake while you’re doing 50 other things. And then you might want to take some time to sit down and enjoy the cake and share the cake with other people and celebrate together.

Might think —Whoa, Jerry, I’m just looking for a little bit of quick advice. I just want to have a little bit of a messier pile of flour this time, I don’t think I can bake the cake. I just want to make a little bit of a messier pile of flour this time.

A lot of people don’t honestly believe that they can even make the cake and when you say everything that’s really necessary to bake a beautiful cake. It’s like, I don’t have time for that man.

I remember I talked to a guy in my mastermind, he said —Jerry, I want to do what you do.

I said —If you want to do what I do, you need to do what I do. Because here’s what I do. I do what I do all day every day. I’m not going to work at a job for somebody else 40 or 50 hours a week. That’s why I’ve got a whole business online”

If you want to do what I do you need to do what I do. And he’s like, well, how am I going to be able to afford that? I said when I quit my job, I imagined that my business would pay the bills.

The unfortunate reality is it took a couple of years before my business paid the bills. But if I had not quit my job before, I had any good proof that my business would pay the bills, I would not be here today.

And he said, —Well, Jerry, I’ve got a family to support, I can’t just quit my job. That’s why pieces of these recipes are left out. Because a lot of people get offended to have the whole thing presented.

I’ve got a family to support too

I understand the importance of having a regular paycheck. I’m in a big favor, I see why people just have regular jobs and don’t go through the struggle. There’s a lot of uncertainty with what I do.

I’ve had months where I’ve made $90,000, almost $100,000 in one month. And I’ve had other months where I’ve spent $20,000 more than I’ve earned trying to make money only to have YouTube banned a topic that I just paid $50,000 to get new videos on because the last time I did that, it made it hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

YouTube then literally puts out a small addition to their policies banning my hacking videos. Whoops.

Yes, I realized it’s tough

But you need the entire recipe if you really want to get the entire results. And one thing if you love following somebody, what you can do is just go through their videos and listen to those missing pieces of the recipe.

Because I assume the best, I assume most people are honest, most people are really trying to help you. Most people are trying to efficiently give you everything meaning a “top 10 tips video” might not be the appropriate place to lay all of this on you.

But if you watch deeper into their videos, you’ll get these little things. They’ll mention them in passing like, oh, yeah, I’ve paid $500,000 for coaching. And just kind of gloss Whoa, whoa, like that should have been the whole topic of the video. But if you listen to those things, then you put everything else together, then it starts to make sense.

Thank you very much for reading this “Why Expert Advice Fails Us and What To Do Instead for Success” post, I hope this has been helpful for you.

Because I remember I used to get so frustrated. I’d be learning from what other people were doing, I’d be trying to do things. And the goal of this video is to help you with your confidence.

To understand that if you’re applying the things you see out there and you’re not getting the same results. It’s not because something is wrong with you. You don’t have the full recipe and you’re not baking the cake via the instructions. And also my intention is to help you with the belief. My intention is to help you

Also to have the faith that you can bake the whole cake

That any result you see somebody else getting if you want those, you can get those that you just need the entire recipe that they’re using. All of it.

And generally, if you follow someone who’s honestly trying to help you and do the best for you, just watch enough of their videos and they’ll give you the whole recipe.

I try and stick the whole recipe in as often as I can, which makes my videos a bit longer, which leaves more people dropping off and not subscribing because that’s just not motivating to tell me that I need to spend thousands of dollars on YouTube ads, or have people who can share my videos that are influential out there.

Or I just need to put in hours and hours of grinding comments out on YouTube trying to get my subscribers. God, that’s not motivating Jerry, that leaves me feeling like I can’t do it all and Jerry, I need to quit my job, so that I have time and energy to do all this stuff.

Yes. Yes.

I love you, you’re awesome and I’ll see you in the next one.

Jerry Banfield

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