How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

Would you like to learn how to be prepared for a pandemic or any disaster, not only with physical things, but also mentally, because if you do, you will love reading this blog post?

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How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

Imagine getting through the next pandemic or disaster and doing it so well that you’re able to help others.

How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

What you’ll see right here will empower you to do that with a few simple systems you can use in terms of things you can buy and have ready, and your mind set to be ready to take on whatever the world throws at you.

This may even save your life and help save others’ lives, which is why I’m so excited to share it with you.

First, I’ll talk about some physical things you can get, things like drinking water and an extra food that you can be materially prepared for whatever might happen.

After that, we’ll go into the mental game, which I think is equally if not more important than being physically prepared. When you combine both, being materially prepared for whatever might happen and mentally ready on a daily basis to maximize looking at what you do want and avoiding all those things you don’t want, you will have a wonderful life and be ready for anything.

Let’s start with the material things.

Step one is drinking water.

Drinking water

What you need most consistently is water in your body, this without water for a relatively short period of time and that’s it. Therefore, the first consideration when being prepared for anything is having good drinking water.

There are several easy ways to do this that I will share to begin with.

First, you can simply, if you realize that things might go downhill like when I used to live in Japan with my family, anytime there was an earthquake, we would immediately fill the bathtubs up with water just in case the water would stop working.

One simple thing you can do if you know a disaster has just happened and you might not have water for some reason, you can always just do things like fill the bathtubs up, the sinks up with water. It’s important you keep them clean enough that you could actually do that.

What you can do to be better prepared than that is to anytime you drink out of a bottle of water or something similar, you can just fill it up from the sink and make a stockpile of water containers, water bottles that you’ve used and have extra gallons of water on hand that you can use for drinking water in any emergency.

There’s also a product called a LifeStraw. I bought these a few years ago just to be prepared.

How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

The LifeStraw is something you can use to drink water that is microbiologically contaminated. That means if it’s got bacteria or protozoa in it that normally you wouldn’t be able to drink it, you can use a LifeStraw and it will filter out a thousand liters of water that could give you clean drinking water.

This can be very handy if you need to evacuate and you end up staying next to a river with dirty water, you could, as long as it’s just micro biologically contaminated, not with chemicals, but if it’s just contaminated with germs, you could use a straw to avoid those.

I keep a couple of these around and they’re great. They’re cheap to buy and they’re nice, just in case anything happens.

It would allow me literally if it rained, I could drink water out of puddles in my backyard if needed or just collect anything from inside and collect rain water, I could drink from a nearby river as long as it’s not completely contaminated.

Drinking water, in my opinion, is a pretty easy thing because we have running water and because most of the time the water would still be running like even in an earthquake, you would be prepared just to fill up some containers and have enough water to get by.

The next thing to consider is a food stockpile.

Food Stockpile

This is one of the things you can also easily address with a little bit of money spent ahead of time that can provide a lot of peace of mind on a daily basis.

Many of us go to work really hard and we’re trying to make all this money to feel secure when really all we need is the little extra drinking water and a little extra food stockpile, and most of us on a subconscious level will feel extremely secure because our bodies really only need food and water.

Obviously it’s nice to have love and friends, and shelter, when really all we need is food and water to survive, and just having extra food and water around gives us a lot of peace of mind mentally on a subconscious level, that the things are okay and we’re prepared.

There’s a simple way to make a food stockpile that is effective and I’ll show you what I do with that. I love peanut butter and I eat peanut butter or almond butter or some kind of nuts on a daily basis and what I do is to make my stock pile, I just buy extra peanut butter at the store.

I can get it as low as $3 per pound of peanut butter with just pure nuts ground up from a store nearby. I can put that in reusable containers, have that in my shelf, and then I eat that on a daily basis by mixing it with honey.

I’d take tablespoons of honey and I put that together with peanut butter for a delicious snack.

The nice thing is both of those honey and peanut butter are pretty cheap and they have a lot of calories. This peanut butter has 190 calories in two tablespoons, which there are 14 servings of that in a pound.

That means one of these little jars of peanut butter is enough to comfortably feed me for a whole day and If you put together with the jar of honey, that’s enough to feed somebody or two people for a day just off of these two and that’s not on emergency rations.

How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

This would be enough to feed my family of four for a whole day on emergency rations or even longer where we didn’t know when there was going to be food.

What I like is look how little space this takes up. This takes up a relatively small amount of space, which is important to consider when you’re stockpiling.

When you’re stockpiling, you don’t want things that are huge and bulky and you don’t want things that go bad quickly. Therefore, just having something like peanut butter and honey that you’ll actually eat is important because if you’re going to stockpile, do it with something that you actually eat because then you can always keep your stockpile new.

What you don’t want to do is what I did before when I’ll stock piling up on a bunch of canned goods and things like oatmeal, which I did end up eating most of all of that.

However, you only want to buy stuff that you actually want to eat. Here’s another great thing, dry beans.

How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

Now, ideally you want to stockpile things that you don’t have to cook.

For example, peanut butter doesn’t have to cook and honey, you don’t have to cook it, and you also want things that could go through different temperatures successfully.

I live in Florida and you’d want to have food that could stand being in hundred-degree heat if there was no air conditioning and the power was off, and if you’re up north or somewhere that’s colored, you’d want food that would be okay, which most of the time food is, but you’d want something that’d be able to be eaten if you couldn’t heat it up.

These beans could be cooked in Florida certainly by just putting them out in a bowl of water out in the sun for long enough and they would cook long enough to eat, although there certainly might be some gas that would happen after that.

What’s nice about these beans, dry beans are cheap, less than $2 for a one-pound bag and these have over a thousand calories in them with nutrition, they’ve got things like calcium, a little tiny bit of calcium, iron, potassium. These have some essential nutrients in them.

You can also have a few extra months supply of vitamins if desired to cover basic nutrition needs something cheap ideally. I like the Flintstones kids’ vitamins. They’re $9 or $10 for a 60-day supply.

For a relatively small amount of money, you could build a food stockpile of a month, two, three, four, five, even six months of food and I’ve calculated the peanut butter $3 if I buy the ground up from the store. The beans are $2 and the honey is the most expensive part, which is about $7 although the honey is a very compact form of calories and it works great with peanut butter.

If you put all those three together, it costs around $10 or $15 and that for me, if you put the beans with the honey and the peanut butter, that’s a three day or so food supply if I want to get a good amount of calories, and on starvation rations, that will be a 6-to-10-day supply of food for $15.

If then I multiply that by 10 I’m looking that for $150 I could have two months’ worth of food and it would only take up less than one cabinet for me.

If you then do that for an entire family, and consider that my kids are smaller and don’t need that much food, I can have a several-month supply of food for maybe $500, and the great part about this is I can also eat that food on a regular basis and consistently use up the oldest of it just by eating it and gently replaced the newest over time and maintain that stockpile.

Again, this can provide a massive mental security where I know if anything happens that temporarily reduces the food supply, then I’ve got things covered and not only that, but I might even have enough food to help somebody out.

Thus, a food stockpile is ideal for almost anything that might potentially happen or go wrong.

Another way you can make a great food stockpile, especially when combined with what I just showed you with the beans and the honey and the peanut butter, those are just examples.

You can also make your own garden, which I have at home. Even if you live in an apartment and there’s absolutely no real soil, you can get a hold of outside, you can use hydroponic gardening and in a relatively small space you can grow things like lettuce.

I grow enough lettuce, I don’t need to buy any of the stores in about two or three square feet of space inside my home, which almost everyone has space for.

If you got a few more hydroponic gardens like that, you could grow other fruits and vegetables in your own home or what’s cheaper’s to be able to just plant your own garden outside.

Especially if you combine your own garden with a little bit of a food stockpile on things like peanut butter, beans and honey, which you might not grow yourself, you can easily have enough food to get through almost anything that is short term and even be in position to survive long term if there was an ongoing difficulty.

With your own garden, it’s great for having food that’s filling whereas something like peanut butter, honey and beans might not be that filling.

If you grow some of your own lettuce, some of your own fruits and vegetables, you could get by with a relatively small amount of peanut butter, honey and beans and your own garden every day.

You could last a really long time without having to put that much money into it.

You also can buy ahead on things like comfort supplies. The idea I’ve given you this is that it shouldn’t be anything extreme.

Comfort supplies

What I’m giving you here, everybody should be able to do this. Comfort supplies, things like toilet paper are really nice. If you use wipes or any of the other essential that you have on a daily basis. What I aim to do is just to buy a little bit ahead on these.

If there was a little temporary shortage, which if you notice if there’s ever anything like a hurricane that comes through or any kind of temporary disaster like an earthquake, what will happen is almost instantly everything you’d want would run out, almost instantly all the food’s gone, all the comfort supplies are gone, all the water’s gone.

There’s no reason you can’t have an extra few months of toilet paper. It doesn’t take that much space up, it doesn’t cost that much, and again, it’s invaluable if something like that were not to be available for a short period of time.

My thinking is if anything is going to be existing for a long period of time while you’re going to need to do more than just watch one video, you might need to take some drastic action and therefore the only reasonable thing to do is prepare for the short term and be flexible and nice, and have some good relationships for the long term.

Thus, it’s very easy, just buy some extra comfort supplies, things like toilet paper, have that on hand and therefore if you’re not going to get stuck having to search for something to wipe with.

Another really sweet thing you can do to take your setup to a whole other level is to get a solar generator, and I just discovered this today.

Solar generator

I have some portable batteries already where I can jump start a car with it, which is really handy. This can also inflate tires.

However, what you really want, what’s the best is the solar generator.

A solar generator will give you truly off the grid power. You can get a 60 watt or 100 watt solar kit and that will charge your solar generator, and you can get a 100 watt solar charger plus a 500-watt solar generator for under $500 and that gives you truly off the grid power.

If you step up to a thousand watts solar generator, you can even run something like a window unit directly off of solar power, which in Florida, if you’re looking at potentially having something like a hurricane coming through and you’ve got a solar generator where you could actually run an air conditioner while the power is off, that would be really sweet.

Thus, a solar generator is one of those supplies you could buy that you could charge all your devices, you could be able to run some, you could even cook if you had a big enough battery and solar generator for it.

Sometimes you could connect multiple solar panels together depending on the setup you’ve got and you could buy all of this for under a thousand dollars if you want to get the one high enough to run an air conditioner, a thousand watts one, or I found for under $500 I can get a solar panel and a great battery that can handle a lot of just what you might call basic necessities like charging a cell phone or a laptop or other basic battery power devices.

The beauty of what I’ve given you here is all of this could easily be taken on the road.

If you, for example, are in a place where you have a wildfire come through, you could easily throw in the car your extra water, depending on how fast you have to evacuate, throw your extra food stockpile, throw your solar generator.

You could easily throw all this stuff in the car, and then go almost anywhere that you need to evacuate and you could be fully prepared to the point where you could just sit out in the woods somewhere with your solar generator, your food, your water, your extra toilet paper and be set.

You wouldn’t have to get stuck in a place where there’s a bunch of people, for example, a football stadium.

You could truly be able to go anywhere.

What I think is equally as important is another thing I didn’t put on here, just real quick, is a full tank of gas for your car.

I try to keep my cars, when they go below half, I get them on a full tank of gas because then if you need to evacuate or just move a little bit, gas often may run out, and therefore one of the simplest things you can do is keep your cars anytime it drops below half a tank or even three quarters of a tank, gas your cars up.

That way, if you need to drive somewhere, you’ve got gas because you don’t want to need to go somewhere and not have any gas.

That completes the material portion of how to be prepared.

What I think is even more important and guides the material is the mental. It’s the everyday mental anguish that a lot of us go through and I’ve given you the material first because you will want to take some concrete steps to be prepared and I’ve given you a system here to do that.

However, what’s more important than these material things is the way you think about all of this.

See what you want

One of the most critical ways I see to process anything that’s happening is focus on what you want. I’m able to stay calm during almost anything that happens because I focus on just what I want.

I focus on that I want to be healthy and live a life where people around me are healthy and have a chance to help others and enjoy my life, and that’s what I focus on.

One key to doing that is to avoid any of the negative vibes. I don’t watch the news. I don’t look at stories on Facebook where people are talking about whatever the next thing is.

I don’t need to know about that because I am prepared and I’m going to get some more peanut butter because I’ve gotten a little behind on my stockpile and look into getting those solar generators, and fill up some more water bottles.

In being prepared, then I don’t need to worry about what the next thing might be because I’m ready for anything. I also see that the more I pay attention to anything, the more I’m helping it to be created.

Avoid negative vibes

If I start talking about one day virus name or another, and I start telling everybody about it, I am actually helping through the law of attraction to bring that experience into my life, which is why I focus this video on being prepared for anything because I’m not interested in bringing any of those specific whatever the virus is or whatever the next disaster is.

I’m not interested in bringing any of those into my life.

If the people around me decide that they need to bring these things into their life, I’m interested in being prepared to survive whatever else someone near me might bring into my experience.

I avoid watching the news. I avoid all those negative vibes and focus on what I want.

Now, some people might say, “Well, Jerry, that’s just called sticking your head in the sand and not dealing with reality,” and I say that reality is what you see.

In fact, I was reading this really long book and the basic idea is what you see is all there is. If you see a world filled with germs and diseases and viruses and hurtful people, then that’s your world. You’re not seeing all of reality, you’re just seeing a portion and you’re looking at that portion.

When I’m looking around, I see people who are healthy, happy and prepared. I see a world that’s resilient that no matter what happens, life will go on and that is another way, another part of reality.

All of our individual ways we look at our reality are a part of the whole.

Thus, it’s very critical to focus relentlessly on what you do want to experience.

I’ve noticed this can be tricky sometimes.

For example, the other day I noticed my thumb was having some irregularities and a little bit of pain in it, and how often do I pay attention to the other thumb that’s feeling great?

What I’ve learned to do is when I notice, for example, one part of my body is having a little pain or discomfort, I immediately start looking at the other parts of my body that are not, the parts of my body that are feeling great.

Because if I look at the part that has discomfort and pay a bunch of attention to it, I’m telling my body that if you hurt, I will pay attention to you, and that actually if a part of my body wants some attention, I’m encouraging it.

If I pay attention more to it when it’s filling bad, I’m rewarding my body parts for feeling bad. And if I pay more attention to my body when I’m sick, I’m rewarding my body for being sick.

If I pay more attention to other people when they’re sick, I’m rewarding other people for being sick.

Thus, when I see something I don’t like, it guides me over to what I do like.

I don’t like my thumb hurting and moving around weird. So, I love how good this thumb feels and it’s filling fantastic right now.

Look, it moves perfectly with no pain and it’s so great.

How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

When I use that motivation from what I don’t want to get into, what I do want, guess which thumb will decide it wants to feel great and look and get all that positive attention.

It’ll fix itself and all of a sudden, “Hey look today, both thumbs, feel great,” funny how that works.

Pay attention constantly to what you do want, and then there’s not all that fear and negative energy.

I’m not afraid of any pandemic coming my way.

“Bring it on, baby. I’m ready for it.”

I’m even a little bit excited. I think it might be a fantastically fun world if some pandemic came through and did some house cleaning.

Keep it fun, keep it lighthearted.

I remember that I am an immortal soul.

Another material thing you can do and put this all together, if you find it hard to focus on positive things, you feel constantly drawn into all these negative things in sickness and you feel like you’re a weak person, check what you’re eating.

What I noticed is that if I ate things that poisoned my body, if I drank things, if I took pills that poisoned my body, I would feel bad immediately afterwards.

It wasn’t something that happened in childhood that made me feel depressed. It was that huge meal I had with five different kinds of meat and tons of oils and extra salt, and all these added processed chemicals.

I noticed that the last time I had a meal with meat in it, any significant amount, I had eaten this meal with a bunch of things that essentially poisoned my body and my mind came along with it.

If you’re noticing it, you seem like this all seems too frustrating and hard and maybe this is good for you. Check how you’re eating. It’s possible to eat in a way that will leave your body feeling great all day, every day, with no after lunch slump.

eat to feel good

In fact, the easiest way to eliminate depression is to change your diet. It’s a very easy way to eliminate depression, I can say from personal experience.

The only way I was motivated to eat, I eat primarily a whole plant-based diet and that’s because I see that it reduces the depression I experienced by a huge, maybe 95% to 99% because when I used to eat all these foods, they would knock my body down.

And especially the things you drink, things like alcohol depress the body and knocks the whole body down. Things that you can take, there are medications that can also depress the body.

Thus, focus on how to eat to feel good and not just a temporary pleasure of eating a little bit of honey, which tastes so good, but to eat in a way that leaves your body feeling good all day, every day, that can make a big difference.

When you wrap all this up, it’s really about just one day at a time. I look around today and I see everything’s working just fine today.

One day at a time

There’s no disaster where I am at.

The world is functioning beautifully and perfectly around me today, and when I’m able to look at that and focus on that, I have confidence that the world is going to keep working just fine, and if I take reasonable measures to be prepared, I don’t need to build a fallout shelter and move out into the middle of the woods or anything.

I’d like to live out in the middle of the woods in the future, but for now, I’ve decided to be married and have a family, and this is where I live to do that. I take things one day at a time.

For today, everything is all right.

For today, I have enough food.

Even if I can’t go to the store and buy any more for a little while, I’ve enough water and I’ve got battery backups and extra electricity if that gets cut off for a period of time.

I’ve got enough for today and I believe that in having enough for today, I’m likely to have enough for tomorrow, and if I have enough for today and I believe I’ll have enough tomorrow, then that’s what’s most likely to manifest by the law of attraction.

Now, if I think I don’t have enough today and things are just going to stay like that, they probably will and that will come in one form or another.

Thus, you’ve got all of this, you put it together, it gives you the ability to help others and that’s what I’ve tried to do here with this.

How to keep calm during a pandemic and be prepared for any disaster!

It may help you to not feel all that fear and anxiety and worry that can come up and it’ll put you in a position when you apply all of this, that you’re ready to help someone else, that you’re not just prepared yourself.

But if there is a temporary shortage, you might have food to feed your neighbors. You might have food to feed your whole community with. You might have enough water to save somebody’s life. You might have enough electricity to charge the whole neighborhood’s cell phones up.

That to me is where true joy comes in life, where we can take such good care of ourselves that we’re empowered and excited for the opportunity to help others.

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I love you.

You’re awesome.

I appreciate the chance to serve you today and I will see you again soon.

Jerry Banfield

Edits from video transcript by Michel Gerard.