Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

You are about to experience an awesome ethical hacking course completely for free with brand new tutorials just created in February 2019 that will empower you to go from knowing absolutely nothing about hacking into getting started today.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

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Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

You might wonder, why would I want to learn ethical hacking? What is it?

Ethical hacking is just hacking used for good, to help people secure their websites, their applications, and their online properties.

Ethical hacking is an extremely valuable job skill that the more applications, the more website, the more software that is created, the more ethical hackers are needed to keep these things secure, to proactively find the vulnerabilities before real hackers or black hat hackers find them.

This is a very valuable job skill that you can work on Upwork and other websites online, and you can get a full-time job in this almost anywhere in the world. You can see people right here on Upwork earning a fortune and earning great hourly rates all over the world to do ethical hacking.

I just put in “ethical hacking,” and I filtered for 10K plus earned to show you the ones who have been working consistently in ethical hacking.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

You can see anywhere from $10 an hour at the very lowest as a security consultant to over $100 an hour to be an ethical hacker that is certified and experienced with a consistent job success.

This is why I have executive produced this video course for you, to give you this free very valuable skills here to help you get these same results in your life online.

What you are about to watch is a free preview from our Master Ethical Hacking in 2019 course available on hour next-generation educational marketplace,

You can see that as of today, the course has got six sections of videos from introduction and installation, basic commands, prepare your lab, footprinting, scanning, and web penetration testing.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

All of these are included for you for free in what you are about to read or watch on YouTube, starting with the introduction from your instructor, then a Virtual Box installation tutorial, next a Kali Linux installation tutorial, then going full screen in Kali Linux followed by basic commands, preparing your lab from changing IP address and setting up a wireless adapter to creating a bootable Kali USB, and different terms you need to know for networking and hacking, and a few things to do after making the installation, changing your mac address.

All of these you can look in the description of the YouTube video and find a time point that allows you to skip straight to that time. If for example, you just want to go straight to important networking terms, then jump back to change your IP address, then go into footprinting, you can look for the time points and click down in the video, and skip straight to those sections.

After you are done with footprinting, then we have got scanning, including Metasploitable, Nmap, Zenmap, TCP scans, then into web penetration testing.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

These are the videos that we have produced in just three weeks for this course working together with the instructor. We have planned 20 plus hours total for this course for you over the next few weeks. We have got seven hours already in the course, all that you are going to get to watch in this video.

When you buy the course on Uthena, you also get lifetime access and first immediate access to all the videos that come up. You get no ads on it and you get a 30-day money back guarantee.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

You will either love this course, or we will be happy to give you a refund. You also get a Facebook group and Discord channel that you can join where you can ask questions and network with your fellow students.

If you would like to buy the course, will you please buy it today because I imagine you will love watching the course on Uthena with no ads and no distractions.

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Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

There are over 10 hours of video in this bundle now. I imagine there will be hundreds of hours of bundles soon.

The “Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle” gives you all of the ethical hacking courses I make forever, which means the ones for 2020 and 2021, and all of the advanced courses, all of these will go in this Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle that I’ve just launched today with this video, starting with these three courses to begin and all of the courses to come.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

A forever bundle means that you buy this one bundle and I indefinitely add courses to it for you. Every time there is a new version of the course, you will get that right away for $48.81 today.

Thank you very much for getting started with “Master Ethical Hacking in 2019.”

It’s time now to start with the “Before We Begin!” section with your instructor.

I’m Jerry Banfield.

Thank you very much for reading this.

I imagine you are going to love what’s next.

Before We Begin!

Hello everyone, and welcome to this “Online Ethical Hacking” course.

Now, before we begin, I would like to talk about a few things that you might be interested in, such as the legal side of using the things that you will learn in this course.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

You are probably wondering what could possibly make this course different from any other course you attended online or any other course you watched on YouTube, Udemy, or basically anywhere else.

Let me first answer the second question.

There is a difference between this course and other courses that you probably watched.

First of all, I decided to split this course into three sections, the beginner section, the intermediate section, and the advanced section.

Now, the thing that differs in this course from other courses is the advanced section.

What we will be doing in the advanced section is making our own tools, we will be coding our own advanced tools, and not the basic kinds of tools. Most likely we will be coding our own Metasploit framework, for example.

This means we will be coding our own command and control center that can receive many connections from other PCs, not just one. We will be coding in the advanced reverse shell, backdoor, keyloggers and many other tools used by ethical hackers.

Now, if you don’t know what these tools do yet, we will be covering all those in the beginner and in the intermediate section, but we will be covering the tools from other people. In the advanced section, we will be making the same tools just by ourselves.

Now, the programming languages that we will be using are Python and C because I find those programming languages mostly used by ethical hackers.

C is a low-level language and it is harder than Python, and things that you can do with Python in like three lines takes you about 20 lines in C.

We will be covering both of those programming languages, Python so that you can make things faster and C so that you can understand things better.

We will also be covering in the advanced section a little bit of assembly language, which we will be using for our exploit development part.

Now, for you that are wondering what we will be doing in the beginner section, we will be covering the installation of Virtual Box and Kali Linux.

Virtual Box is basically a program that allows us to make our own virtual machine. We use a virtual machine so we don’t crash anything in our main machine. If we make a mistake, or if we delete a file we shouldn’t delete, it will basically just stay on the virtual machine, and if it doesn’t work anymore, we can just delete it and start over again.

This file is the Kali Linux.

Kali Linux is a Linux distribution, or an operating system that is used for ethical hacking and penetration testing.

Now you might be asking, why is it used for that?

Well, basically it comes preinstalled with some of the best-known tools used for ethical hacking.

It comes with a bunch of programs that we will use and cover in the next tutorials. In the intermediate section, we will be covering those tools that are pre-built into Kali Linux and also some of the tools that are not built into the Kali Linux.

We will be downloading those tools from the online GitHub repository from other people who made them.

As I said, later in the advanced course, we will be making our own tools.

Now, there is also one more important thing I should mention, which is the legal use of these methods that you will learn in this course.

You should not be using these methods on any device or website you do not own or on any device or website you do not have permission to use. It can get you into some serious trouble and possibly jail time if you make a big mistake.

So please, do not test any of these methods on devices you do not own. We can make all of the things we need in our virtual environment and we can do our attacks from there.

Now that’s about it.

I hope you will enjoy this course and I hope I see you in the next lecture where we will be downloading Virtual Box and Kali Linux.

I hope I see you there and take care.

Final Words

Thank you for getting through the introduction already. A lot of people didn’t even make it this far.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

Congratulations, you are serious about learning ethical hacking, and we are very grateful to serve you.

Given you are serious about learning ethical hacking, I imagine you will love the Ethical Hacking Forever Bundle.”

This is the best value I’ve ever seen online to learn ethical hacking in one place and to get help, to get answers to your questions in our discussion group, to get all of the newest courses all the time that we produce for you.

This Master Ethical Hacking in 2019 course, I’m giving you all of it here for free while we produce 10 to 20 more hours of it for you, all of which will be available in the course for free.

I trust you will buy it today when you feel moved to do so, or you grab the “Ethical Hacking Forever Course Bundle” or you can even grab the Jerry Banfield Forever Course Bundle,” which includes all courses I executive produce and produce as the instructor forever on all subjects, which will include coding, things like Android app development, and Amazon Web Services.

Master Ethical Hacking in 2019!

My vision for this bundle is a complete professional education for you online for a price lower than you are going to get it anywhere else.

If you enjoy watching these, we will keep putting lots of free tutorials on my YouTube channel and my Facebook page as well.

Thank you for getting started.

You may want to go to the Virtual Box Install Tutorial now.


Jerry Banfield

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