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Tomas George can claim the most credit of any one person today for all of us being here together!  Tomas has mentored me every step of the way from when I first thought about making music in 2017 through to today where now I am finally asking him some tougher questions!  Hiring Tomas as my music coach also helped me get accepted to AWAL which distributes my music worldwide on iTunes and every service listed above without charging any fee.  Without Tomas I surely would have quit making music during the several dips I encountered getting started.

Tomas has a lifetime of experience playing music including a masters degree in music production, his own music published on iTunes, 50,000+ students on Udemy, and practice now taking a total beginner musician (me) from absolute nothing to where we are today.  If you want to take courses with Tomas George and learn more about hiring Tomas as your coach alongside me, will you please visit because if you love the lectures and results half as much as I do you will be very happy?

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